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Statements by Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Cortez Show Just How Unhinged Democrats Are
10/25/2018 Democrats Benjamin
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It seems Democrats are becoming more insane, more deluded, and more violent by the day. From making outrageous statements to subjecting their political and ideological opponents to verbal and physical violence, they are doing everything in their power to turn Americans against each other.

The latest statements by Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on climate change prove that liberals have come completely unhinged.

Nancy Pelosi’s Threat of Collateral Damage

In a recent interview with Paul Krugman (an overrated economist who warned people that the US would go into a recession if Trump was elected – hilarious! – kind of like that sexual harassment nightmare NBA owner Mark Cuban!), Nancy Pelosi stated that the policies and ideas held by Democrats are meant for all Americans and if there are people who do not share the same views, there would be some collateral damage. 

The use of the term ‘collateral damage’ confirms what we have always suspected – Democrats do not really believe in democracy. They want an authoritative power structure that singles out and punishes people who hold different views. Pelosi would have been a perfect fit in Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Climate Change

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the blue-eyed girl of Democrats, recently stated that we need to work towards the goal of 100% renewable energy with the same sense of urgency like we did when we fought the Nazis during the Second World War.

This was not a tongue-in-cheek comment, mind you; she genuinely believes that pursuing a green energy policy is as important as fighting Nazism.

Cortez says that climate change is an existential threat, just like Nazism was during the 40’s. We need to mobilize people the same way to switch to 100% renewable energy and save the planet. Disgusting! Misguided! And illogical!

Democrats – Fascists in the Making

If your head is spinning on reading these statements, I do not blame you. Ever since Trump became the POTUS, Democrats have gone completely cuckoo and are in a competition with each other to say the most outrageous things possible on a daily basis.

The most important point to be noted here is that Democrats have dropped all pretence of being democratic. They no longer believe in debating or reasoning with their opponents. They want to enforce their policies with brute force and crush anyone who dares to dissent.

The reason is quite obvious – liberal worldviews are idiotic, unnatural, and not rooted in common sense. A common man is not likely to agree to them unless he is forced to do so by the government.

Do you want to import millions of illegal aliens into our country? Do you want your wife, sister, or daughter to share a bathroom with a man who identifies as a woman? Do you want your children to be taught the intricacies of anal sex in the fifth grade?

Do you want your children to be taught that white people are responsible for all the evils in the world? Do you want your children to learn that abortion is not only acceptable, but should actually be a state-funded right?

Any sane man would answer ‘no’ to all these questions. Yet Democrats want to brainwash the common public into agreeing with all the aforementioned views.

This is why they need state power, as they know it is the only way they could implement these policies – whether the average American likes it or not. This is precisely why they should be defeated.

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