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Google’s ‘Good Censor’ Directive is Nothing But an Attempt to Silence Conservative Voices on the Internet
10/17/2018 Good Censor Benjamin
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A leaked document from Google, titled ‘The Good Censor’, clearly shows the search engine giant’s intentions to stifle conservative voices on the Internet.

The document reveals that Google, along with a number of other social media companies including Twitter and Facebook, actively censor conservative and nationalist voices online, while promoting liberal voices at the same time.

Google’s Reaction to Trump’s Win

A few weeks back, a video was released by Breitbart, in which the top executives of Google could be seen discussing the results of the 2016 election.

All of them look mortified in the video, finding it hard to believe that Trump had won. At one point, Google’s CFO, who happens to be a woman, chokes up and says in a tearful voice ‘when Hillary lost, we lost’. She means rapists, socialists, child molesters, America’s enemies, job killers, lazy bureaucrats, and so on.

This just goes to show that the tech giants of the Silicon Valley are filled with card-carrying Democrats who were rooting for Hillary Clinton to win. Now that their candidate has lost, they are coming up with all sorts of plans to make sure it does not happen again.

Google’s Plan to Control the Global Narrative

In the leaked video, the executives of Google openly say that they have to take the necessary steps to make sure that incidents like these (Trump’s victory) remain just a blip in history and do not impede the great march of progressive ideals.

And how do they plan to achieve it? By censoring conservative and nationalist voices on the Internet! But they are failing for many reasons. Their violence is despicable and now we know their leaders are liars – right Pocahontas!?

The Good Censor – Bad News for Conservatives

The tech companies of Silicon Valley are of the opinion that the uniquely American ideal of free speech is not relevant to today’s world and should not be followed anymore.

They genuinely believe that ‘bad behavior’ of people should be censored online, so that the Internet remains a ‘safe and civil place’ for exchanging ideas.

Now, when they say ‘bad behavior’, they actually refer to people expressing their dissent against left-liberal totalitarianism.

When they say the Internet should remain a ‘safe and civil place’, what they actually mean is that they intend to censor anyone who offends the fragile beliefs and sensibilities of left-liberals and LGBTQ freaks.

The Internet in Control of Leftists

The Internet is already in control of leftists (because they don’t work – real Americans have other things to do rather than spend time Tweeting), who actively try to censor and suppress conservative voices every day. From Google to Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, every single tech company or platform is owned by left-leaning people.

Conservative voices on Twitter are shadow banned or suspended, Facebook and YouTube regularly delete videos posted by conservatives, and Google manipulates its search results in such a way that conservative websites never show up in the first page for any search term.

This is a very dangerous situation, as a large number of young people – not just in the US, but all over the world – get their daily dose of news from online sources and social media.

If tech companies can completely censor conservative, pro-family, and nationalistic opinions online, young people can easily be brainwashed by left liberal ideology.

If we want to prevent our future generations from being implanted with ideas like diversity (allowing terrorists to blow up your children), terrorism is OK, an expensive and chaotic health care system is just fine, failing schools is the norm, rape and violence is part of the deal, giant ghettos that consume entire cities is acceptable, feminism, LGBTQ degeneracy, and government subsidized abortion which is unethical and an attack on the innocent, we need to act now and put an end to the technological tyranny of Silicon Valley.

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