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Hillary Clinton’s Call to End Civility in Politics Could Have Dangerous Consequences
10/17/2018 Hillary Clinton Benjamin
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Democrats are duplicitous by their very nature. On the one hand, they claim that they want to bring back civility in politics.

On the other hand, they call for violent protests to overturn the current government. In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton proclaimed that it was time to end civility in US politics and that liberals should speak to conservatives in a language they understand, which is strength. 

If a conservative had said the same thing, liberals would have popped a vein and called him a Nazi!

Hillary’s Provocative Interview

Hillary Clinton made three very contentious points in a recent interview.

  1. It is time to end civility in American politics.
  2. Republicans only understand the language of strength, so Democrats should speak the same.
  3. We can worry about civility in politics after the Democrats recapture power.

Now, let us take a detailed look at these statements, shall we?


Democrats have absolutely no right to talk about civility in politics, as they are the ones who bring our political discourse to new lows every day. They are the ones employing mob tactics in Portland and other non-growing American cities.

They said GW Bush was mentally challenged even though the economy was decent under him and not a constant recession like it was under Obama (Barney Frank is still a free man or woman, or whatever he is!), said Black people would have to go back to plantations if Romney wins, threw the vilest insults at Sarah Palin and her daughter, and the less said about their ongoing attacks on Trump, the better.

Language of Strength

This is nothing but an open call for violence. Left-liberal extremists are already staging violent protests across the country every day – people wearing MAGA caps and t-shirts are verbally abused, physically attacked, spit at, and intimidated in the worst possible manner.

Particularly, in liberal-ruled states like California, the protests have gotten out of hand, as the terrorists are backed by the state police.

Recently, in Portland (as already mentioned), Antifa terrorists managed to block the traffic for 20 minutes in broad daylight, while the cops stood silently without even trying to contain the situation.

Recapturing Power

Ultimately, this is what it is all about. Liberals without power are like fish without water – they simply cannot survive.

They cannot implement their idiotic economic policies unless they are in power. They cannot impose LGBTQ degeneracy on normal people unless they control our schools and colleges. They cannot promote licentious behavior unless they have absolute control of the mass media, which they already have.

Hillary Clinton – Not Deluded, But Dangerous

It is easy to dismiss Hillary as a deluded old lady, but it would be unwise to do so. She is the manifestation of everything that is wrong with our politics and society today.

She has the backing of the mainstream media, rapists, ISIS, Al Qaeda, public intellectuals, some misguided corporate donors, a large section of our bureaucracy and judiciary, and global elites.

Liberals never ever imagined that despite having so much support – both at the local as well as international level – Hillary would lose to someone like Trump, who only had the support of working class Americans which most Americans are which upsets the Democrats the most. They want us to be like them, slaves to the system.  

Now that they have lost, they want to make sure that ‘mistakes’ like these do not happen again. They want to bully their political opposition into submission.

If we allow them to recapture power, there is no telling what they will do to retain it. This is the time for Americans to be extremely vigilant and prevent such psychopaths from controlling the House, the Senate, or the White House.

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