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Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed – A Historic Moment in US Political History
10/11/2018 Brett Kavanaugh Benjamin
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Last week, Brett Kavanaugh beat what seemed like insurmountable odds to become the 114th justice of the US Supreme Court.

He was confirmed by the Senate via a 50-48 vote, in what could certainly be considered the second biggest political victory for the Republicans in a very long time, apart from Donald Trump’s historic win.

The Hit Job against Kavanaugh

Ever since he was nominated by President Trump, Brett Kavanaugh was targeted relentlessly by job killing and immoral liberals, who managed to plant false stories, run smear campaigns, and drag his name through the mud – all with the help of their friends from the mainstream media.

Three utterly classless women came forward out of nowhere and claimed that they were sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh nearly 30 years back.

With no witnesses to corroborate their claims and without a shred of evidence, they still managed to convince a large number of people that they were allegedly the ‘victims’ of sexually abusive behavior, which goes to show just how good of a performance they put on.

Mainstream Media – Traitors of the First Order

The mainstream media, for their part, dropped all pretense of being neutral, and went after Kavanaugh with single-minded focus.

From scathing editorials to carefully planted stories, half-lies, blatantly false claims, and emotional appeals to the common public regarding the plight of women, they tried every trick in the book to turn public opinion against Kavanaugh.

Even on television, court jesters like disgusting Bill Maher, rapist promoter Stephen Colbert, child molester promoter Trevor Noah, ISIS is the JV team Jimmy Kimmel, and food stamp promoter and business destroyer Jimmy Fallon droned on and on about Kavanaugh being an abuser and his alleged victims being helpless women whose voices have been silenced by the patriarchy.

In essence, there was not a single voice of reason in the entire mainstream media and the left liberal political establishment. Everyone was baying for Kavanaugh’s blood, despite the fact that the allegations against him were not proven at all.

Kavanaugh’s Witch Hunt – Matter of Shame for the Country

It is no secret that liberals like to go after the Republicans even for the tiniest of issues, but the Kavanaugh affair was entirely different due to the fact that there was no issue at all.

Kavanaugh is as clean as they come – never been involved in any scandal, never known for breaking the law, have always upheld constitutional values throughout his career.

If the media can get away with branding such an honorable man a rapist, it is a matter of great shame for our country and our system of governance.

Trump’s Support Proved to be the Trump Card

The only reason why Kavanaugh managed to fight the good fight and emerge victorious at the end is the unwavering support from President Trump. He stood by Kavanaugh and asserted that there was no better choice – both in terms of credentials and in terms of personal integrity.

If someone like the pathetic McCain (you are not missed!), Romney, or Jeb Bush had been in Trump’s position, they would have dumped Kavanaugh the moment liberals started going after him. It is a testament to Trump’s mettle both as the President and as a man that he managed to stand up to liberal bullies and fight for what he thought was the right cause.

With Kavanaugh’s confirmation, conservatives have asserted their dominance in the Supreme Court as well as the White House. The GOP now needs to focus solely on the mid-term elections and make sure they win it big, denying the Democrats any chance to get close to the power center in Washington.

The Democrats want their power back – they don’t like it that Trump is giving more power back to the middle class!

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