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How Liberal Policies Have Destroyed Oakland, Baltimore, Chicago, and New York City
10/11/2018 Liberal Policies Benjamin
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Liberals are intellectually incapable of running institutions. Whether it is a small community college or a large city, they invariably burn it down to the ground, as they lack the rigor, discipline, and vision to lead people.

And they don’t believe in personal responsibility.

If you have any doubts, take a look at Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland, and New York City – thriving cities that have been reduced to crime-infested, unlivable hellholes thanks to liberal policies.


With one of the highest homicide rates in the entire country, Baltimore has been named ‘Body More’ by its own residents. Just watch The Wire!

Since 1967, the city has been controlled by the Democrats, whose soft stance on crime and violence has emboldened criminals, hooligans, and other such antisocial elements to the hilt.

Ironically, Baltimore has one of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Tax-paying citizens cannot even buy a handgun in the city without jumping through hoops. And the criminals know this!

Criminals, on the other hand, manage to get assault weapons with ease. And the Democrats, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that the solution to the skyrocketing violence is – hold your breath – more gun control!


Chicago elected its last Republican mayor back in 1927. It is one of the worst cities to live in the country today, with an extremely high rate of homicides and violent crimes. Every year, thousands of people get injured and hundreds die in shootouts, which is apparently the favorite game of inner-city hooligans.

Chicago is also one of the poorest cities in the country. With junk status bonds and skyrocketing debts, the city struggles to even pay its bills. It is the homeland of Obama. A fitting legacy indeed!


Oakland’s story is actually even more tragic, because it used to be a thriving city inhabited mostly by hard-working Black families. Things were so great in Oakland that Black families were able to acquire wealth and lead a stable life in 1870 – nearly a century before the Civil Rights Act was even passed.

Its downfall started when the city started voting for Democrats, who have managed to reduce it to rubble over the years. Today, Black communities and families have virtually disintegrated in the city, owing to the destructive policies of liberals.

Businessmen have migrated to other cities and scores of grand Victorian homes, which were once built with the hard-earned wealth of working class families, have now been abandoned. 

Oakland should serve as a cautionary tale for people who believe that liberals can be trusted to run institutions.

New York City

NYC has seen its ups and downs over the years. A few decades ago, it was a crime-infested hellhole and was considered ungovernable by many.

Fortunately, Rudy Giuliani became the mayor in 1994, after which the crime rate reduced drastically. Giuliani showed how an honest, authoritative politician can completely change the social, economic, and political landscape of a city.

Unfortunately, New Yorkers got bored with good governance and voted the Democrats in, after which the city has again been on a steady decline. From high crime rate to unaffordable rents, stagnating income levels, and anti-business regulations, NYC has every problem that you expect a liberal run city to have.

Say No to Liberals

The moral of the story is that liberals should never, ever be trusted when it comes to issues of governance. It is something we need to remember on November 6th.

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