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Refugee Admission Into The United States at a 38-Year Low, But More Needs to Be Done
10/05/2018 Refugees Benjamin
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Reports from the federal government show that a total of 22,491 refugees were given asylum in the United States during the first fiscal year (October 2017 – September 2018) of the Trump administration.

This is the lowest number of refugees we have taken in ever since the Refugee Admissions Program was instituted, which clearly shows that the current administration is serious about curbing the influx of foreigners into the country.

The History of the Refugee Admission Program

The Refugee Admission Program was set up in an attempt to provide shelter to people who flee their countries due to civil war, sectarian violence, persecution by the state, and other such factors that could be considered a humanitarian crisis.

Over the years, however, the program was used as a ploy by the Democrats to bring in a large number of people from different countries, ethnicities, and religions.

The Democrats do this for two important reasons.

  • First, they want to expand their voter base. It is no secret that illegal aliens vote in large numbers in US elections and have proven to be a decisive factor in determining the victory of candidates in several constituencies across the country, particularly in the blue states. This is the reason why Democrats vociferously oppose any law that mandates identification requirements for the voters.
  • Secondly, they want to change the ethnic and racial makeup of the United States by bringing in large numbers of people from different races, ethnicities, and religions. The liberal hatred against white people is well known and they know that white working class people are the biggest voter base of Trump. So, they want to displace them with people from other ethnicities and religions, who are known to vote Democrats.

If the aforementioned scenarios sound far-fetched to you, take a look at the following numbers.

  • During the last year of Obama administration, nearly 85,000 people were admitted into the US and 46% of those people were Muslims from radical Islamic countries like Syria, Somalia, Congo, and Iraq. Think Boston Bombing, Orlando, San Bernardino, and so on!
  • Hillary Clinton, during the run-up to the 2016 Presidential Election, suggested that under her administration, as many as 200,000 refugees (mostly from radical Islamic countries and war-torn African countries) would be admitted into the US every year. They don’t live in her neighborhood! If they rape American woman, not a big deal to her!

Now, why would any sane person want to import large numbers of people from Islamic countries and African nations rife with sectarian violence? These people are not educated, they have no skills, and their worldviews and morals are diametrically opposite to ours.

What reason could the Democrats possibly have for pushing for more immigration and more refugee programs, other than the fact that they want to change the very identity of the country and rearrange the demographics in their favor?

Hillary Presidency – The Nightmare that Never Came True

And in case you are curious to know as to what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016, take a good look at Western Europe. Violent crimes have skyrocketed, women are raped in large numbers, and people are scared to attend public gatherings due to the fear of getting molested and assaulted in public – all because of immigrants.

The Trump administration has certainly done a stellar job of bringing down the number of refugees to a mere 22,000, but we need to be vigilant until we find a permanent solution to the immigration and refugee problem that plagues our country.

We need a wall for sure along the southern border!

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