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The Witch Hunt Against Brett Kavanaugh Has Irreparably Damaged the Reputation of Our Country
10/05/2018 Brett Kavanaugh Benjamin
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The witch hunt against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has made a lot of people lose faith in the democratic system and irreparably damaged the reputation of the United States as a free and fair country.

The Smear Campaign against Kavanaugh

The moment Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump to the Supreme Court, he became a marked man.

Liberals started running an extremely malicious and incredibly coordinated smear campaign against him, which is still running in full flow, thanks to a morally bankrupt and treasonous mainstream media. Another reason why Transformers 2 was amazing.

It all started with a deluded woman named Christine Ford (a so-called professor), who accused Kavanaugh of trying to sexually assault her while they were both in high school.

Interestingly, she could not remember when the incident took place, how many people were there, and who those people were. Somehow, she managed to remember Kavanaugh’s name and alleged that he tried to rape her.

Shortly after, two more women came forward and made the same kind of accusations against Kavanaugh. In each of these cases, neither the authorities nor the mainstream media hacks could find a single person who could corroborate the claims made by these women.

Can you imagine just how absurd the whole thing sounds? A girl gets sexually assaulted by a boy in a public place, where several of their classmates are present, and none of them can remember the incident?

On the contrary, several women who have worked with Kavanaugh have come forward to show their support and stated that he is a perfect gentleman who treats women honorably.

The Vile Attacks by Mainstream Media

Our fake news media, led by the despicable New York Times, launched a vicious attack on Brett Kavanaugh – calling him all sorts of names, coming up with ridiculous stories, and quoting ‘anonymous sources’ (who exist only in their imagination) to question Kavanaugh’s character.

Ideally, these publications and news channels should have been sued into bankruptcy by Kavanaugh. They manage to get away with planting false stories and publishing libelous reports due to the flaws in our existing laws.

The Change in Tone by Liberals

Even after combing through Kavanaugh’s life history, liberals have not been able to come up with a shred of evidence to support their claims.

So, they have changed their tune remarkably. First, they accused Kavanaugh of trying to rape a woman. Then they said he exposed himself to a woman. Then they said he likes to drink a lot. Now, they are saying that he threw ice at someone at a party back when he was in college – who cares? This is pathetic!

Imagine the horror – what would happen to our country if we let someone into the Supreme Court despite the fact that he threw ice at someone when he was a teenager? We can’t have that! Listen to the vile crap that Obama has spit out of his mouth! He used to hang out with gang members!

Now, if only he had raped multiple women (Bill Clinton), caused the death of US officials (Hillary Clinton), smoked weed and attended a radical Islamic madrassa (Barack Obama) and called ISIS the JV team and allowed them to blow up all over the world, we would not have had a problem. But throwing ice at someone? Now, that’s where we draw the line. 

The Course of Action for Conservatives

If conservatives still think they can play by the rules and win the battle, they are living in a fool’s paradise. Liberals have shown that they will stoop to any low to make sure a conservative is not elected into the office. It’s time we repaid the favor.

President Trump should strengthen our criminal defamation laws so that two-bit journalists and news anchors who plant false stories can be punished. Kavanaugh should sue his accusers for defamation and make sure they are taught a lesson.

More importantly, we should never, ever let a Democrat win an election in our lifetime – as Lindsey Graham said, ‘we can play this game too’.

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