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The Rod Rosenstein Mess Shows Just How Deeply Compromised Our Justice Department Is
10/01/2018 Rod Rosenstein Benjamin
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If there is one department in the federal government that is in need of a complete overhaul, it is the Department of Justice (DOJ). The Rod Rosenstein mess shows that the department is utterly biased, deeply compromised, and unimaginably corrupt.

The Treasonous Activities of Rod Rosenstein

Reports show that Rod Rosenstein, who currently serves as the Deputy Attorney General, offered to wear a wire and secretly tape the President, in an effort to oust the President by invoking the 25th Amendment.

Think about this for a moment – a high-ranking DOJ official, no less than the Deputy Attorney General, who is supposed to be neutral and objective – was willing to take part in a sting operation like a sleazy, b-grade journalist.

Why? All because he hates President Trump, just like every other establishment hacks in Washington who have no problem with the continued slaughter of African American babies, jobs being destroyed, and ISIS blowing everyone up all over the world.

Not only did Rosenstein offered to wear a wire, he also suggested that the FBI director should also secretly record President Trump and use it to oust him from the White House. It means the DOJ is corrupt right from the very top and the security agencies under its control cannot be relied on or trusted to handle issues related to our national security.

The Establishment’s Plot against Trump

It should be noted that Rod Rosenstein is not the problem, but merely a symptom. He is one of the many deep state establishment hacks who are hell bent on getting rid of Trump by hook or crook.

From Peter Strzok to James Comey, John Brennan, Robert Mueller, Bruce Ohr, and Rod Rosenstein, every one of them wanted Hillary Clinton to win so that they could continue to leech off American taxpayers while serving the interests of globalist elites.

The election of Trump came as a shock to them, as they simply could not believe that the American people, who have been brainwashed by the mainstream media and Hollywood to hate their own people and love illegal aliens, could vote for a person who clearly wants to put the interests of America first.

Now that they have recovered from the shock of Trump’s victory, they want to get rid of him by any means. This is why there has been a coordinated effort by deep state operatives, mainstream media, Hollywood, Democrats, and globalist elites like George Soros to oust Trump at any cost and replace him with a globalist puppet like Hillary.

What Needs to Be Done

If Rod Rosenstein had even an ounce of integrity left in him, he would have resigned from his position the moment these reports became public. He has failed in his duty to uphold the Constitution and he has betrayed the trust of the American public who believe that the DOJ is incorruptible.

As of now, Rosenstein has agreed to testify before the Judiciary Committee Republicans regarding the wiretapping issue.

Since he is likely to deny the allegations anyway, President Trump should appoint a special committee to investigate Rosenstein and other DOJ officials who worked with him. If the allegations are proven to be true, he should fire Rosenstein and put an end to the farce of Russian collusion.

By the way, what was Jeff Sessions doing while all these treasonous traitors were scheming against the President right under his nose? Time to retire, old man!

Sessions is a clown – he will go down as being a pointless human being but he still worth more than Nancy Pelosi, Ford, and Chucky Schumer.

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