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The Middle Class is Fleeing New York And California in Record Numbers
10/01/2018 Liberal states Benjamin
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Liberal states like New York and California love to taunt the rest of the country about their so called progressive policies and claim that they are the future and the red states should follow in their footsteps.

The truth, however, is starkly different. They are two of the worst states in the country to live in, especially if you happen to be a middle-class American. Though if you are middle class in these two states you will soon be a member of the lower class.

So, what exactly happened to these states? Liberalism, that’s what!

New York – Not Affordable for Middle Class

For years, New Yorkers have been hit with a double whammy – rents have skyrocketed while income levels have stagnated. The cost of living has increased significantly in the past decade, which has made it impossible for blue collar workers and middle class people to survive.

The excessively high tax rates, which liberals are so fond of, are also making it difficult for people to run a business and to make ends meet. As a result, people are leaving New York in droves to other states with low tax rates, low cost of living, and better employment opportunities.

In fact, New York tops the entire country in terms of outmigration – more people are leaving New York every year compared to any other state. In the Upper East Side of New York City alone, there was a 9.3% decline in population between 2015 and 2016, due to people fleeing to other states in search of jobs.

California – Land of LGBTQ Freaks, Home of Illegal Aliens

California – where do I even begin? The taxes are high, rents are even higher, gas prices are higher, income levels of middle class people have remained stagnant, crime rate has increased thanks to the influx of illegal aliens, and the whole state is covered in human waste, used condoms, and syringes thanks to the large number of hobos and degenerates who live there.

On top of it, California loves to spend money on electric cars and solar energy (subsidized by taxpayers, of course) and come up with harebrained ideas like the much-touted plastic ban.

It is also a place where you could lose your job, have your career ruined, and be at the receiving end of physical violence if you dare question the degenerate lifestyle of LGBTQ freaks.

Between 2007 and 2016, California lost a million people – mostly blue collar workers and middle class people – to other states. The situation is so bad that the IT guys who work at Silicon Valley prefer to move to other states and work from home, rather than staying in cities like San Francisco and spend a ton of money on rent and taxes.

California and New York to Witness Mass Exodus

A recent study by economists Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer predicts that over 800,000 people will leave New York and California in the next three years, owing to high taxes and exorbitant cost of living.

Funnily enough, most of the progressives who flee California and New York move to red states like Texas and Arizona. Because for all their mortal posturing, they know blue states are the same everywhere – ridiculously expensive with no scope for employment opportunities.

We just have to hope and pray that the influx of liberals does not turn Texas or Arizona into yet another progressive hellhole. That would be bad for the country and everyone who is honest. Bad for the world too!

ISIS and Iran would be happy though! China too!

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