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Trump prepared to declassify documents related to Russia investigation - it's about time!
09/24/2018 President Donald Trump Benjamin Roussey
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On September 18th, President Trump directed the Justice Department to declassify more documents related to the Russia investigation. With this directive, Trump demonstrated his resolve to expose the tainted probe by the Justice Department about the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Nature of the Documents to be Declassified

The documents that Trump wants made public include 20 pages of FBI interview reports regarding the surveillance applications related to Carter Page, his former campaign adviser.

Trump also asked for declassifying the FBI interview reports with the corrupt and deep state actor Bruce Ohr, a Justice Department official. These reports also relate to the Russia investigation and we know the only party who successfully colluded with the Russians was the Democrats. The Democrats proved again how dishonest their party is and we will not even mention Debbie Wasserman Schultz here, Obama, or Susan Rice.

On top of this, Trump ordered the Justice Department to declassify, without any redaction, text messages pertaining to the Russia investigation from James Comey, former FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, former FBI Deputy Director, Peter Strzok, former FBI agent, and other deep state officials who worked hard to destroy a duly elected American President.

These people are anti-US constitution and should all be tried for treason and if convicted, executed. 

Documents Related to Fired FBI Officials

Trump fired the corrupt and sloppy James Comey in May 2017, but he said that the action was not related to the Russia problem. In March this year, pitiful and useless Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired the terrorist lover Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, who allowed terrorists and gangsters into America, was also recently fired.

In the wake of Trump’s directive to declassify the documents, Democrats quickly reacted by saying that the president was politicizing the investigation by law enforcement to protect himself. While the FBI refused to comment on the directive, the Justice Department stated that it was complying with the order.

People familiar with the declassification process have said that both the FBI and the Justice Department were taken by surprise with this order from the president. That is hilarious. We have been clamoring for it for a year now. The only people who were not ready for this are lazy and anti-American bureaucrats who don’t want the truth to be revealed.

Republican representatives have come out in support of the declassification directive, and some of them have said that these documents will expose to the American public the systemic bias and corruption that occurred at the top levels of the FBI and DOJ.

Declassification on Hold

On September 21st, Trump announced that on the request of the DOJ and some of his key allies, he was putting his order to declassify the documents on hold. He asked the DOJ Inspector General (Michael Horowitz – who could not admit there was bias in the Clinton investigation despite mounting evidence to exactly that – which makes this man basically gutless) to review the documents expeditiously because speed is important.

Trump expressed hope that the Inspector General would move fast on this matter. At the same time, he reserved the prerogative to declassify the documents at any moment he feels necessary.

However, according to some analysts, it is still not clear from the president’s statement whether the documents are still going to be made public, or whether the Inspector General will review them in private for potential wrongdoing.

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