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Democrats Attempt to Smear Brett Kavanaugh Through Sexual Misconduct Allegations is Disgusting
09/24/2018 Brett Kavanaugh Benjamin Roussey
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Just days before the Judiciary Committee of the Senate was set to vote on confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Prof. Christine Blasey Ford, a registered Democrat, a destroyer of the unborn, someone who does not take terrorism seriously, a supporter of policies that have destroyed the middle class in The Golden State, and donor from California, made an allegation that Kavanaugh had groped her at a high school party about 36 years ago.

Ford, however, failed to recall which year the alleged assault occurred, where it occurred, and how she managed to return home. Does she even know when she graduated from high school? There is no witness to corroborate her story; but there is more than one witness who said this had nothing to do with Kavanaugh. Ford recalled three men who were at the party, but all of them have denied her allegations.

Blatant Attempt by Democrats to Mislead People

Leaders of the Democratic Party along with their liberal aides and professional agitators appear to have conspired together to derail the confirmation of Kavanaugh, who is President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court. This is Clarence Thomas all over again and we know that was a “high tech lynching.”

How dare a black man in America think for himself?

Hill Republicans have claimed that Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is behind this falsely engineered case. However, Feinstein has stated that she simply dealt the cards she was handed and she has admitted that Ford’s letter and case may not be entirely truthful – not surprising! Republicans argue that Feinstein withheld a letter (written by the accuser) from the Senate Judiciary Committee for nearly two months.

Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, reprimanded Feinstein in a letter of September 19th, saying that she chose to stay quiet about the allegations waiting for a politically opportune time. Grassely indicated that these last-minute allegations were designed for political gain.

Even the manner of leveling the allegations was dubious. The letter from the accuser “Chrissy” Ford, which was handed over to Feinstein, was leaked to the media.

87 Women Show Solidarity with Kavanaugh

Eighty-seven women who have personally known Kavanaugh at different stages of his life have stepped forward to demonstrate their belief in his integrity and question the allegations leveled by Ford against him.

A former senior aide in the George W. Bush administration, Sara Fagen, who closely worked with Kavanaugh, spoke for these 87 women and said that they are all proud to stand with him.

These women came together at a press conference called “I Stand with Brett” in Washington D.C., and attested to the judge’s character. They announced that the allegations of sexual assault brought forth by Prof. Ford are false.

Who is Backing Ford?

Last month, Ford took and allegedly cleared a polygraph test. She hired a law firm led by major Democratic activists and donors.

Who is paying for her legal bills? Who organized and paid for her polygraph? Who leaked her letter to the media? Perhaps we will never know – probably Soros who is basically evil incarnate. But certainly it appears that the Democrats’ fingerprints are all over this smear campaign against Kavanaugh.

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