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Obama’s Attack on Trump is Shameful and Completely Devoid of Facts
09/17/2018 University of Illinois Benjamin Roussey
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It is now fairly obvious to every honest person that Barack Obama was not a good president. He was not qualified or competent enough to govern a country like the United States (perhaps Cuba though in 1960).

What he was – and still is – very good at is blaming others for his own failures and taking credit for other people’s successes. If you needed any proof, you only had to listen to his latest speech at the University of Illinois (Illinois is one of the worst states in the country because of Obama like politics and Chicago is more violent than all countries in the Middle East), in which he attacked President Trump in the most shameless manner.

Obama’s Speech at Illinois University


Last week, Obama was at the University of Illinois to receive the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government.

The award committee apparently did not see the irony of awarding someone who bent and broke laws and violated ethics to suppress his political opposition. After receiving the award, he delivered a speech, in which he leveled a series of baseless charges against the Trump administration.

Given here is a list of key points Obama made in his speech.

  1. Trump’s presidency is a ‘dark period’ in the history of the United States (hilarious, African Americans have more jobs than ever before – something Obama would have never achieved).
  2. Trump is gaining power by fanning the flames of divisiveness and resentment.
  3. Benghazi attack is a conspiracy theory promoted by the Republicans (this proves how disgusting he is – he allowed Ambassador Stevens to die – him and pay for play Hillary).
  4. Trump is wrong to work with Putin (Obama was punked by Putin and Obama loves Cuba which has strong ties to Russia).
  5. Trump tacitly supports Nazi sympathizers (Obama gave billions to the Nazis in Iran).
  6. Trump cannot take credit for the economic recovery (Obama never lowered taxes and regulating businesses into stagnation and pushed jobs overseas).
  7. Trump cannot bring back lost jobs (Trump has already did that, Obama never tried, and Obama never used that magic wand!).

Now, let us do a fact-check on his claims, shall we?


  1. First of all, Trump’s presidency is not a dark period. If anything, it comes as a fresh breath of air after eight years of toxic, suffocating misrule by Obama.
  2. Trump is gaining power by appealing to true citizens of the country who have been abandoned by the Democrats.
  3. Benghazi attack was a direct result of the complacent, careless, and criminally negligent attitude of Obama and Hillary towards our own citizens in Libya. Both of them have blood on their hands!
  4. Trump has every right to work with Putin in the mutual interest of the US and Russia. For years, Democrats have built up the bogeyman of Russia to distract the American public from noticing their glaring political and economic failures. Trump has rightly realized that our greatest threats are internal, not external.

Though Trump is Russia’s worst nightmare because Trump is putting more money into our military and Trump is making America an energy powerhouse which means less money to Russia! Right Matt Damon!

  1. Trump does not support Nazi sympathizers. He merely pointed out the fact that there was violence on both ends of the political spectrum – left and right. Democrats, however, are completely fine with violence as long as the perpetrators are their own – Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Bernie Bros, and other such groups that employ violence to make their voice heard at the national stage.
  2. This is perhaps the most hilarious claim made by anyone in American political history. If Trump cannot take credit for the economic recovery, who should?

It is because of his pro-business and pro-people policies that the economy is soaring to new heights, jobs are being created at a fast pace, investor sentiment is at an all-time high, and ordinary Americans no longer have to compete with illegal aliens for jobs that pay slave wages.

  1. Trump is already bringing the jobs back. Corporations that set up shop in China or Mexico to take advantage of cheap labor are coming back to the US, as they know that Trump will not hesitate to take punitive measures to make them fall in line. The iron hand approach has worked and new factories and manufacturing facilities are being built across the US today.

In short, Trump has managed to achieve more in his first two years than what Obama could achieve in his eight years, eighty years, eight hundred years, and so on. Obama should have never been President. Obama should have never been a Senator.  

Had he been a gentleman, Obama should have congratulated Trump for turning the economy around after the disastrous recession during his reign. However, Obama has shown himself to be a petty, small-minded, classless, and vengeful man. But hey, we knew that already, didn’t we?

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