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The Anonymous Op-Ed and Woodward’s Book Actually Prove That Trump Has Done Nothing Wrong
09/17/2018 Bob Woodward Benjamin Roussey
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If you ever had any doubts about the mainstream media’s ability to generate hysteria out of thin air, all you had to do was watch primetime TV shows during the past few weeks.

The hoopla created around the New York Times anonymous op-ed and Bob Woodward’s book on Trump was so massive that many people actually thought that President Trump had done something unpardonable. The truth, however, is the exact opposite of what our liberal enemies are saying.

NYT Op-Ed and Woodward’s Book – Full of Hot Air and No Substance


One thing that is common between the anonymous coward who wrote the NYT op-ed and Bob Woodward is that they both are fond of name calling.

They call the American President all sorts of names – narcissist (you mean job creator), bully (perhaps to ISIS – they are no longer the JV team!), traitor (no, that is Obama, Hillary, Rice, Clapper, and Brennan), idiot (no, that is Lois Lerner), unhinged (no, that is Madonna), erratic (again, this is Madonna), and so on. They have even gone a step ahead and claimed that these are the opinions of people in Trump’s administration and this is what they think of the President.

Everyone – right from General Mattis to John F. Kelly – have refuted these claims and categorically stated that they did not refer to the President in derogatory terms at any point.

They have all reaffirmed their faith in the President and stated that they have nothing but respect for him. So, basically, the op-ed writer and Bob Woodward have made nasty and serious claims that cannot be backed up with facts. Where are criminal defamation laws when you need them?

Why the Allegations Do Not Matter

Now, here is an interesting question. What if the anonymous op-ed writer and Bob Woodward are indeed right which they are not? The answer is – it simply does not matter.

You see, the allegations leveled against Trump are so childish that even if they are true, it does not make one difference to our government, economy, or the country.

So, what if Trump is narcissistic? He is a self-made billionaire who crushed the establishment candidate on the grandest political stage of them all. He has every right to think highly of himself.

So, what if Trump’s functioning style is chaotic and erratic? After decades of ‘order’ set by left liberals, chaos is exactly what we need right now to drain the swamp.

So, what if Trump is a bully? First of all, bully is code-speak for anyone who has the guts to stand up to the left liberal ecosystem in this country. Secondly, a bully is what we need today to stem the growth of anarchist socialism in the country today.

People like Bush, McCain, and Romney were too nice to the Democrats and were still demonized. For the first time in decades, we have a Republican President who is strong enough to take the fight to our enemies and fearless enough to fight for his convictions.

Trump on the Right Track


Make no mistake about it – the mainstream media liars are not attacking Trump out of concern for our country or our values. They know better than anyone else that Trump is the man who can put the country back on track after decades of misrule.

It is, however, against their goal of turning the US into a liberal utopia where there are no borders, illegal aliens have the same rights as citizens, women can abort their babies on taxpayer money, and LGBTQ freaks can bully normal people into accepting their degenerate way of life.

So, irrespective of what these weasels claim, the Trump administration – without a doubt – is the best thing to have happened to our country in a very long time.

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