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Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele Colluded With Russia to Defeat Trump in The 2016 Election
09/10/2018 2016 Election Benjamin Roussey
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A report from the New York Times states that Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele colluded with a Russian oligarch to get dirt on Donald Trump and affect his chances of winning the 2016 presidential election. The Times actually got something right.

Perhaps Mr. Mueller could now stop the witch hunt against the President and go after these guys who actually colluded with Russia? But that punk Mueller is too busy crying he is not the FBI Director!

The Russian Collusion

Documents show that Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele met with Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch, several times between 2014 and 2016.

They promised to offer Deripaska a US visa and help him with his legal problems in exchange for information that could potentially incriminate Trump. They could not, however, find any such information.

Moreover, a growing body of evidence shows that people in the Department of Justice were colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign team to help detail Trump’s campaign in any which way possible.

Bruce Ohr also personally delivered anti-Trump information to disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was working with other deep state operatives in the intelligence agencies to stop Trump from winning the 2016 election at any cost.

The Dark Side of Democrats

The worrying aspect of the DOJ’s collusion with Russia is that it was happening even before Trump decided to run for POTUS in 2016. So, clearly, whatever they were doing, it was not only to stop Trump from winning the election. They had deep connections with Russian oligarchs even before Trump became a potential threat to Hillary Clinton.

They would have unmasked, spied on, and tried to frame any Republican who became the President.

So, what were the DOJ officials doing in Russia? What is the extent of Hillary’s connection with Russia? Why did Putin accuse Hillary and her cohorts of making hundreds of millions of tax-free income in Russia? More importantly, how compromised are our national security and intelligence agencies?

Apparently, no one seems to be bothered about the fact that our intelligence agents, who were supposed to remain apolitical and neutral, blatantly violated their professional ethics and colluded with the Democrats in the most shameless manner. They even went to the extent of compromising national security to help Hillary Clinton win the election – glad she did not! So is all honest people!

The details emerging out of these reports make Hillary look like an evil queen from mythological stories – but she is actually worse. She is a monster disguised as a human being. Like Stalin, Ted Bundy, Castro, OBL, Nero, and so on.  

She has her fingers in so many pies, she is connected to so many criminals, and she violated every possible norm and ethic during her run-up to the 2016 election. Yet she constantly plays victim and expects the country to show her sympathy.

Mueller Investigation Should End

If Jeff Sessions has even an ounce of integrity, he should call off the rigged investigation led by Robert Mueller. The whole thing was a setup to show Trump in extremely bad light, make him lose his popularity among his voter base, and stop him from focusing on issues that matter to the country.

Despite several months of investigation, Mueller hasn’t been able to produce a single document of evidence against Trump.

On the other side, however, there is mounting evidence that Hillary and her well-wishers in the previous government and the bureaucracy are corrupt to the bone and engaged in so many criminal and antinational activities. If the Justice Department truly stands for justice, it should go after the treasonous Democrats, not a standup guy like Trump who creates jobs and gets people off Obama’s food stamps.


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