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With McCain Gone, The GOP Should Follow Trump’s Lead to Become The Party of Real Americans
09/10/2018 John McCain Benjamin Roussey
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The passing of John McCain marks the end of an era for the GOP. While it is a somber occasion for many in the GOP establishment, it is also the right time to think about the party’s future and the steps that need to be taken to combat the rising menace of left-liberalism.

The Party of McCain Needs to Go

As harsh as it might sound, the GOP that people like McCain represented was a bloated mess of a party that had no principles to stand by or the guts to stand up to the enemy.

For years, true American patriots witnessed the deterioration of their beloved political party with disbelief and people like McCain played a crucial role in it.

Many of you might remember an incident during the run-up to the 2008 Presidential Election, where McCain was approached by a GOP voter who expressed concerns about Obama, his radical views, and his Muslim background.

Far from appreciating the voter, McCain stated that Obama was a nice guy and people should not be scared at the prospect of Obama winning the election.

The single episode embodies everything that was wrong with the GOP before Trump burst into the scene. Left liberals in the US never play by the rules, attack conservatives in the meanest possible ways, and do not cede an inch in the ideological battle.

Conservatives like McCain, on the other hand, were too happy to play nice and cede territory to their enemies – both in terms of ideology and in terms of political power.

I mean, when was the last time you heard a Democratic presidential candidate declare that his conservative opponent was a nice guy and would make a great POTUS?

How Trump Rejuvenated the GOP

The GOP, which was staggered after the consecutive defeats in 2008 and 2012, was virtually on its last legs with people like McCain and Romney at the helm of affairs.

Democrats did not view them as threats, as they knew that both McCain and Romney were too nice and too timid to pose a real challenge to the hegemony of the left-liberal ecosystem. Romney would not even use Benghazi! He left that ace up his sleeve. That is like Randy Johnson pitching a game and never using his slider and his team is already down 5 to 0. Not to smart Randy! Not to smart Romney!


The entry of Trump, however, changed the entire situation radically. For the very first time, Democrats were truly scared of a Republican.

They knew, better than anyone in the GOP establishment, that Trump could destabilize their wretched ecosystem, derail their gravy train, and render them powerless in the long run. This is why they attacked him so vehemently during the run-up to the 2016 election and why they continue to do so now with their deep state sycophants and media BFF apparatus.

Shameful Behavior of RINOs

Far from supporting Trump, who was taking the fight to the enemy territory, RINOs like McCain, Romney, and Jeb Bush (when voting in 2016, the brain warped Bushes did not even vote for either President – pathetic – that pretty much destroys their legacy), actually joined hands with the Democrats to criticize Trump at every opportunity they got.

Even McCain’s funeral showed the deep-seated resentment he had for true conservatives in the GOP. President Trump and McCain’s former running mate Sarah Palin were not invited to the funeral. On top of it, McCain’s daughter Meghan delivered a purely political speech in which she criticized and shamed Trump in every which way possible.

She will never get over the fact that her punk father left most of his honor in Vietnam. Trump made a dumb remark about her father getting shot down but this is after her weak father said many terrible things about Trump and proved again that he was an idiot.

Term limits you moron! What, no one else can be a senator in your Arizona seat accept you? Arizona deserves better! That pitiful politician in McCain never found a hobby. Now you are retired forever, good! God had to make the call. Hubris!

The Way Forward for the GOP

Let’s make something very clear. The GOP is a dominant political force today because of Trump and the optimism he managed to generate among the forgotten voter base from Middle America.

Real Americans today are at a crossroads – they cannot believe that Democrats actually favor illegal aliens over the citizens of the country. What they need right now is a healing touch and a helping hand – exactly what Trump promised during his campaigns.

If the GOP wants to survive the rapidly shifting demographic trends in the country and remain as a political force, it should get rid of RINOs and follow President Trump’s lead.

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