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The Media’s Cover-up of the Large-Scale Killing of White South African Farmers is Disgraceful
09/03/2018 South African Benjamin Roussey
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We all know that the mainstream media in our country are a bunch of disgraceful liars. Not many people, however, thought that the media would stoop so low as to cover up what could be a pogrom in the making.

At a time when white farmers in South Africa are facing genocidal violence, the newspapers and TV channels in our country are busy covering it up and convincing people that everything is fine.

The Killing of White Farmers in South Africa

Ever since the apartheid ended in South Africa, white farmers have been at the receiving end of murderous attacks on a regular basis. Statistics show that every year, at least 60 to 80 farmers are killed in the most brutal manner imaginable.

Along with farmers, their families are also targeted by black gangs, which are fueled by feelings of animosity towards white settlers who own most of the farmland in the country. As a result, many white farmers have moved to other countries as refugees. Though whites should have thought about this forty years ago, they should have settled a smaller area of land and given much of the land back to the blacks. James Michenor was right!

Land Appropriation in South Africa

The South African government recently announced that they plan to seize farmlands from white farmers and redistribute them to the black community in an effort to address the economic inequality in the country.

The worst part is that the government has stated that white farmers will not be compensated for their lands. Basically, they are taking away the hard-earned wealth of white farmers and redistributing it among the black community. Blacks were their first – why were they not working the land already?

To say that this is an injustice would be an understatement. Not only are the farmers being attacked and murdered regularly, their means of living is also being seized now by the government, leaving them with next to nothing. A people with no land, no wealth, and no protection – what can they do?

The Media’s Cover-Up of the Issue

Despite being fully aware of what is going on in South Africa, the mainstream media in our country have maintained a stoic silence about the issue. On top of it, they are actually denying the violence and injustice taking place in South Africa right now.

In the past couple of weeks, journalists in our country have written scores of articles and done tons of news segments with a single purpose – to deny the fact that white farmers are being killed in large numbers in South Africa and their farmlands are being seized without compensation. White people did not treat blacks right in South Africa but this is not right.

They have even gone so far as to call President Trump a white supremacist for merely tweeting about the sad situation in South Africa.

Ideally, we should be offering asylum to the persecuted white farmers from South Africa, instead of letting millions of illegal aliens into our country. Unfortunately, we are not doing that. Russia is the only country that has offered asylum to a large number of South African farmers – Russia needs people – so many people are leaving that country. Some farmers have also moved to countries like Australia in search of a better life.

The Lessons We Can Learn

If liberals have their way, the South African nightmare would be replicated in our country. They would love to replace the sons of the soil with illegal aliens, like they are already doing in California. This is just another reason why California is a failed state.

Though we all know Nancy Pelosi does not care about farmers, she cares more about a small fish!

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