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Tech Giants of Silicon Valley are Colluding to Work Against Trump in the Midterm Elections
08/26/2018 Silicon Valley Benjamin Roussey
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While the intelligence agencies are taking the whole country for a ride with a fantastic story of ‘Russian collusion’, a real collusion is happening right in front of our eyes at Silicon Valley.

Tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are planning to openly collide against the Republicans – particularly Trump – to tilt the scales in favor of the Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections.

The Collusion between Tech Giants

A report from the Business Insider says that Silicon Valley based tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook are planning to meet to discuss their strategies for the midterm elections to be held later this year.

While they claim that the meeting is an effort to combat the disinformation campaigns run by various rogue agencies and non-state operators, many people suspect that they could be colluding to work against Trump and sway the public opinion in favor of the Democrats for the upcoming midterm elections.

We already know Apple goes out of its way to protect terrorists.

The Censoring of Conservative Voices Online

There is a pattern to the way in which conservative voices are being censored on the Internet, which leads us to believe that there is a concentrated, collective effort to sideline, suppress, and silence conservative voices on online platforms.

The recent purging of Alex Jones, who was banned from Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, and Spotify simultaneously, made everyone sit up and take notice of the creeping authoritarianism on the Internet.

PragerU, a conservative non-profit group, also became a victim of Silicon Valley censorship recently. The group’s videos, which were informative and targeted at young conservative men and women, were labeled ‘hate speech’ and removed by Facebook. As a result, the group’s viewership and online reach were adversely affected.

Hilarious since the policies supported by Facebook helped cause 9-11 and the Orlando terrorist shooting and so on.

Even on Twitter, conservative handles are being routinely shadow-banned and suspended whereas liberal handles are allowed to spew hatred towards white people, conservatives, Christianity, and America on a non-stop basis. Even genocidal terrorist organizations like ISIS have a presence on Twitter, while conservative voices that care for our people and country are silenced mercilessly.

What would Twitter do if their offices were attacked by an Islamic terrorist group? Say “please stop – we don’t want to be blown up and shot”? These Harry Potter tech liberals live in fantasy land.

The Political Power of Tech Giants

Dr. Robert Epstein, who serves as a psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, says that Silicon Valley based tech giants could influence up to 12 million voters in the upcoming midterm elections, which is a warning that conservatives should take very seriously.

He says that over 90% of online search is conducted through Google, which is a virtual monopoly. Companies like Facebook and Twitter shape the political and cultural opinions of young people by promoting certain points of view and suppressing some others.

If they want to, they could easily send targeted advertisements to millions of young voters to sway their opinion on various issues and nudge them towards the left end of the political spectrum.

Dr. Epstein adds that these tech giants have too much power and have monopolized the market, which means there are no checks and balances to curb their authority. The power to influence people can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of these mammoth organizations, all of which are run by left-leaning people.

President Trump has talked about the unfair targeting of conservatives on social media, but he needs to follow it up with action.

These companies need to know that they cannot get away with blatant discrimination, especially at a time when our democracy is in a precarious situation thanks to the treasonous actions of the violent left. All honest people know Hillary should be in prison now. That is a vile and disgusting woman and has been for decades. She supports child rapists and laughs when they are put back on the street. Right Hillary? You did that in the 80s!

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