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The Murder of Mollie Tibbetts Highlights The Illegal Alien Problem Endemic in the Country
08/26/2018 Mollie Tibbetts Benjamin Roussey
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The brutal murder of Mollie Tibbetts, a small-town girl from Iowa, by an illegal alien has reignited the debate on immigration reforms in the country.

Sadly, illegal aliens still continue to enjoy the patronage of liberal politicians, who seem to care more about criminals than honest, tax-paying citizens.

We know Elizabeth Warren and her unbecoming liberal friends don’t care one bit about Tibbetts or the family she left behind. Liberals are disgusting people – they only care more about expanding their power and taking more money from the private sector.

The Abduction and Murder of Mollie Tibbetts

Mollie Tibbetts, a 20-year old girl from Brooklyn, Iowa, went missing on the 18th of July. She was last seen jogging in a nearby area and did not return home.

After accessing the security camera footage from the area, the police managed to track down the man who was last seen with her on the day she went missing. Soon after, the man confessed to abducting and murdering Tibbetts.

The person has now been identified as Cristhian Bahena-Rivera – a 24-year old illegal alien from Mexico – who has been living in our country for seven years.

According to police reports, Rivera approached Tibbetts while she was jogging and tried to talk to her. Tibbetts, however, told him that she was not interested and tried to get away from him. Rather than leaving her alone, Rivera chased her down and murdered her brutally. He is a loser like that.

No means no loser! It is not America’s fault Mexico has had so many corrupt leaders.

Issues We Should Pay Attention To

There are several important points to be noted here.

  • The illegal alien had been living in the country for seven long years prior to committing the crime. It goes to show just how utterly negligent the Obama administration was about border security. And Republicans who only care about cheap labor or at fault here too. America needs a better system and Trump is trying to get the job done.
  • The alien was also gainfully employed, which shows two things. First – he took the job away from an American citizen. Second – the massive improvement in lifestyle and economic status – compared to what he could have managed to achieve in his home country – was not enough to suppress his criminal tendencies. It flies in the face of the liberal claims that people commit crimes only because they are poor and desperate.
  • The alien was employed by an American businessman, who in all probability did not bother to check his citizenship status. It highlights the need to punish greedy businessmen who hire illegal aliens without worrying about the political and socioeconomic consequences of their actions. America’s immigration system is broken. Paul Ryan – wake up! We know liberals don’t care at all.

The Shameless Response of Liberals

Predictably, liberals all over the country are rallying behind illegal aliens and saying that the girl’s murder ‘should not be politicized’. These are the same weasels who talk about banning guns and dismantling the NRA every time a mentally deranged person shoots someone.

Moreover, liberals say that illegal aliens should not be judged based on the actions of a few bad apples, despite the fact that illegal aliens are more likely to commit violent crimes than US citizens and are incarcerated at a much higher rate. They don’t have any skills! They don’t speak English! Build the wall!

The worst reaction to the murder was that of Elizabeth Warren, who stated that ‘as saddening as the murder is, it cannot be used to justify separating illegal aliens from their children at the border’.

Yes, you read it right. She is more concerned about the ‘rights’ of illegal aliens than a young American girl who has been brutally murdered. These are the people who are trying to topple Trump, these are the people who are trying to change the ethnic makeup of our country, and these are the people who viscerally hate working class Americans.

We should never, ever allow these vultures anywhere close to the Oval Office again. What would Elizabeth Warren say if she her loved one was murdered by an illegal alien? Democrats don’t care about America or real Americans.

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