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The New York Times Hires a Blatantly Racist Editor With Sickening Hatred For White People & America
08/06/2018 New York Times Benjamin Roussey
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They do this for publicity. We should just ignore it. But let’s make it official that the New York Times is disgusting and should not be taken serious.

If you ever had any doubt that the mainstream media in our country is completely biased against white people or America, here is a piece of news that can confirm your suspicions. The New York Times just hired Sarah Jeong, a tech reporter who is known for her virulent hatred for white people, for an editorial position in their newspaper. 

She is also anti-cop – so if she needs police help one day no matter what is happening to her, don’t even show up police.

Background on the Controversy

On the 1st of August, the NYT announced that Sarah Jeong, a tech reporter who currently works at The Verge, had joined their editorial board. Soon after the announcement was made, many people on Twitter found out that Jeong had tweeted about white people in an extremely racist and derogatory manner several times in the past.

Several people highlighted her old tweets and pointed out that Jeong is unabashedly racist against white people. The whole thing went viral and people started questioning the New York Times as to why they chose to hire her in the first place and if they stand by her views.

The Tweets in Question

Jeong has been tweeting vile, nasty things about white people for several years – some of her racist tweets date back to 2008! Given below is a small list of things she said about white people.

  • White people voicing their opinion on the Internet are similar to dogs pissing on fire hydrants – what does that mean? Why not leave the country or go to South Central, LA? There she will wish a police officer shows up to help her when something is terrible happening to her. Or South Chicago! Jeong is basically brain dead.
  • They are only fit to live underground like groveling goblins – white people and police keep her from getting sexually assaulted. Does she carry a gun? Probably not, that would go against her irrational view of life.
  • They smell like dogs when it rains. She is just upset that no white guy has ever asked her out. She is not exactly appealing.
  • That she loves being cruel to old, white men. So she is evil?
  • Cancel white people. You mean cancel the people that created the country that allows you to spit out the garbage that comes out of your mouth? Well, you can return to China at any time.

The list goes on and on and on. Many of her tweets read like the rants of a demented, mentally unbalanced person.

The NYT’s Reaction

The NYT, however, did not care about the controversy at all and doubled down on their decision to hire Sarah Jeong. They simply released a weasel-worded statement about ‘not condoning her actions’ and said that she will be a valuable asset to their organization.

The Blatant Hypocrisy

Now, think about this one for a minute. When Roseanne Barr commented on Valerie Jarrett’s appearance (a lovechild of Planet of the Apes and the Muslim Brotherhood), she was fired from her show immediately, despite the fact that she deleted the tweet and apologized. The entire left liberal ecosystem was baying for her blood and stated that she should never receive any offers on television again.

This is comical since most of the jokes in the latest season of Roseanne were against conservatives. Dam Democrats are pitiful.

In the Sarah Jeong episode, however, the same liberal ecosystem is vociferously defending her and saying that you cannot be racist against white people, because white people have all the power in the country and other ethnic groups are oppressed. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The number of poor whites in the country outnumbers the number of poor people from other ethnicities, yet there is no affirmative action program for underprivileged white children. White people pay the highest amount of taxes in the country and they also have the lowest crime rate, along with Asian Americans.

Marginalization of White Americans

Leftists in recent times have been violently protesting against young, white men and women, whom they see as the core support base of Donald Trump. People wearing MAGA hats – especially if they happen to be white – are threatened, bullied, and physically attacked everywhere.

Simply put, the mainstream media is sending out a clear message – it is perfectly okay to be racist against white people. If you so much as look at other ethnic groups the wrong way, you could have your career destroyed and reputation damaged forever.

The mainstream media is not only trying to marginalize white people in society, but also encouraging hatred between white people and various other ethnic groups. Their motto is simple – they do not want a united, strong America.

The only fitting response to this sickening hypocrisy is to boycott the pro-rape and pro-terrorist New York Times and their disgusting affiliated organizations completely.


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