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Trump Threatens to Shut Down The Government Over Wall Funding
08/06/2018 Wall Funding Benjamin Roussey
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A few days ago, at a rally in the job creating because of fracking state Pennsylvania, President Trump said that he would not hesitate to shut down the government if the Congress refuses to pass funding for the southern border wall.

It is a shame that certain Republicans like Paul Ryan care more about access to cheap labor (making Democrats happy since these illegals vote for Democrats because they know the Democrats will continue to hand them food stamps) than actual Americans.

While it is sad that the situation has come to such a pass, the President was entirely justified in making those statements. Let us find out why.

The Inexplicable Delay in Wall Funding

Building a wall along the US – Mexico border was one of the promises that Donald Trump made to his core voter base during the run-up to the presidential election in 2016. It is one of the main reasons why millions of Americans became his ardent supporters.

It really should have been done decades ago.

Ever since he got elected, President Trump has been trying his best to get the funding for the wall, but his efforts have not come to fruition yet.

On the one hand, traitorous Democrats have been trying to shut down the country and incite large-scale riots in order to protect their illegal alien voter base. The mainstream media has been lying non-stop about illegal aliens and trying to create unrest in our society. The mainstream media only cares about making America weak – they don’t care about Americans.

On the other hand, RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and establishment conservatives who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (thanks Rand Paul for coining the term) are tacitly supporting the Democrats and hindering Trump’s efforts to build a wall.

We need real Republicans in office. Good riddance Flake and McCain – you have embarrassed Arizona.

The Betrayal of RINOs

A Republican run House Appropriations Committee is even trying to revive Obama’s disastrous Catch & Release policy – wherein you arrest illegal aliens at the border and release them into the country without taking any action against them.

If the policy comes into effect, the government would have no option to stop illegal aliens from Central America from pouring into our country. It is estimated that there are 32 million people in Central America who could seek refuge in our country under Obama’s immigration policy.

Can you imagine having 32 million uneducated, unskilled illegal aliens in our midst? Can you imagine what would happen to our neighborhoods? Despite knowing it, RINOs in the establishment are battling for the rights of illegal aliens. RINOs and Democrats don’t care about African Americans that is for sure. These illegals compete with them the most for jobs. Illegals keep wages down as well.

Here is a question you traitors – if you are going to continue Obama’s policies, why should we even vote for you? We are not. We are going to support Republicans endorsed by Trump.

The Precarious Situation in the Country

The United States already takes in about 1.5 million immigrants every year. No other developed country takes in so many immigrants and offers them so many benefits. If the current situation continues, the number of illegal aliens in the country could reach 50 million in the next few years – over 15% of our population.

President Trump has rightly recognized the fact that building a wall and discontinuing Obama’s traitorous immigration policies are the only way to stop the demographic disaster that awaits our country.

Unfortunately, he is getting little to no help from his colleagues, who are supposed to stand by him and implement his policies. If a government shutdown is what it takes to wake the Republicans from their slumber, so be it. Shut it down President Trump and make sure you get the funding for the wall.

Thanks God Arizona passed SB 1070.

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