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With its Anti-Business Regulations, California Remains One of the Most Unlivable Places in the Country
08/02/2018 Anti Business Benjamin Roussey
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What is wrong with California? This is a question that every American with a functioning brain (liberals excluded) is asking. Despite being blessed with an abundance of natural resources and human capital, the state remains an abject failure in terms of the standard of living it offers for ordinary people.

California’s Anti-Business Policies

If you are an entrepreneur, California is undoubtedly the worst place you can think of to set up your business. The state has a ridiculous number of regulations that make running a business a nightmare for anyone.

The state’s labor laws are stricter than federal laws and the penalties for noncompliance are very stringent. The regulations are disproportionately in favor of employees and very strict towards the employers.

Business owners in the state need to be on their toes constantly, as they have no idea when they might be subjected to a Cal/OSHA inspection for breaking one of the countless numbers of regulations and standards the state has.

The worst part is that many of the state regulations protect the rights of illegal aliens as well. So, people can sneak into our country, break the rules, take the jobs away from our citizens, and bully the employers into submission by complaining to the job killing and ISIS loving state officials.

The political climate in California is such that business owners are seen as ‘evil capitalists’, who need to be restrained at any cost. The state, which supports rapists and not military veterans and Christians, is unfairly harsh on job creators, while letting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens run riot without care.

It comes as no surprise that California is considered the least business-friendly state in the entire country – a position it has proudly held for the past 14 years while so many good people have left this crime ridden and litter filled utopia.

Unlivable for Middle Class People

California is also one of the most unlivable places in the entire country, particularly for working class people but not for slobs and anti-God, baby killing degenerates.

Recently, the USA Today conducted a poll to find out the 50 ‘least livable’ cities in the country – cities with very high rates of poverty, unemployment, and crime as well as a high cost of living. Not surprisingly, seven of those cities are in California – the highest number compared to any other state.

If you have ever been to San Francisco, Fresno, Oakland, or Compton, you probably do not need anyone to tell you what a hellhole California is. The streets are filled with squalor, illegal aliens outnumber the natives in many places, and criminals, junkies, prostitutes, and hobos run amuck. Just watch Training Day and Boyz n the Hood.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is not a single city from Texas on the list of ‘least livable’ cities. Is it any wonder that Californians are swarming to Texas? We can only hope that they do not corrupt the large-hearted Texans with their liberal degeneracy.

California – A Liberal Paradise

California, in short, is a liberal paradise where job creators are punished, criminals are pardoned, illegal aliens are welcomed, LGBTQ degeneracy is promoted, and social justice warriors and Antifa thugs are encouraged, nurtured, and sheltered.

I mean, we are talking about a state where using a plastic straw is punishable by law, but infecting someone with HIV intentionally is not. It is a state full of morally corrupt and mentally deranged people!

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