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Why Trump is Right in Dealing With Russia in the Larger Interests of the Country
07/31/2018 President Trump Benjamin Roussey
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The Trump – Putin meeting at Helsinki seems to have led to a collective nervous breakdown among left-liberals. Two-bit newspapers, which are not worth the paper they are printed on, are carrying editorials calling our President a traitor. Our mainstream news channels, on the other hand, are going overboard with their theory of Trump being a Russian puppet.

What did President Trump do to draw the ire of the entire left liberal ecosystem? Short answer – he battled for our country’s long-term interests.

Trump’s Views on Russia

Trump, long before he became the President, had stated that Russia is unnecessarily propped as a bogeyman by the left to distract people from the real threats to the US – illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism. He is absolutely right because of two reasons.

First, Russia is not the USSR. It does not have the economic clout or military power to challenge the US or any of our allies for that matter.

A direct war or even a cold war with the US or its allies could be unbearably expensive for Russia, which solely relies on its natural gas exports to survive (Russia is a giant gas station masquerading as a country). With this being the case, why would it bother to confront us into a trade war or a direct war?

Secondly, illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism are far bigger threats to our country both in the short term and long term. Islamic terrorists go on a killing rampage every single day somewhere across the globe. The 9/11 attacks, USS Cole, African embassy attacks, Benghazi, Boston bombing, and the Fort Hood mass shooting (not work place violence!) have already demonstrated what they are capable of. So, letting Muslims into the US – even through legal means – is simply not a good idea.

Similarly, illegal immigrants who are sneaking into our country by the thousands every day constitute a grave threat to our very existence. Democrats are allowing these people into our country with a two-point agenda – first, to let illegal aliens vote in our elections so that they could grab power by any means.

Second, to change the demographics of the US in the long term so that white people become a minority and could never elect a job creator and disruptor like Trump again. They don’t want America to be great – they want us to be another weak European vassal state.

Trump’s Priorities are Right

In this scenario, Trump is rightly focusing on our two biggest threats – illegal immigration (by deporting existing ones and not letting new ones in) and Islamic terrorism (by banning people from Islamic countries).

At the same time, he is also trying to mend our relationship with Russia so that our taxpayer money is not wasted on feeding the white elephant named NATO. Remember – NATO countries have a vested interest in keeping the US – Russia enmity alive, as it is the only way their alliance will get funded by the US.

And it is not like Trump has been soft on Russia. He declared that Russia did try to interfere in our elections and he is trying to make sure it does not happen again. Unlike the incompetent Obama, he will definitely bolster our internal security and make sure no foreign power meddles with our election process again. Russia has already been hit by Trump with sanctions. Obama never sanctioned Russia. Obama was Russia’s patsy.

America Growing in Energy Might

Trump and Rick Perry, Energy Secretary, is making America an energy powerhouse which Russia certainly does not want. Obama never wanted America to become an energy giant. Russia wishes Obama could have remained our President.

Democrats, on the other hand, want the ICE to be banned, want illegal aliens to have the same rights as Americans, and allow Muslims from rabidly Islamic, war-torn nations into our country. Who are the real traitors here?

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