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Why John Brennan’s Security Clearance Needs to be Revoked
07/31/2018 John Brennan Benjamin Roussey
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If there is one person in the country who needs to be kept away from matters of national security, it is John Brennan – the former Director of the CIA (it is actually scary this anti-God/anti-Jesus Karl Marx loving Soviet was ever put into position such as this – thanks Obama!). Brennan’s conduct during the Trump – Putin summit at Helsinki was nothing short of disgraceful and his security clearance should be revoked immediately.

Brennan’s Disgraceful Conduct

During the Trump – Putin summit at Helsinki, John Brennan gave interviews to mainstream news channels, in which he called the President a traitor and stated that his joint Q&A session with Putin was treasonous.

He also proclaimed on Twitter that Trump should be impeached immediately and called for Republican patriots to join hands with Democrats to topple the President.

Now, what could have possibly evoked such a strong reaction from Brennan? The answer is quite simple. He is part of the liberal establishment that wants to make sure the US does not disrupt the world order created by globalists and corrupt socialists worldwide. In short, Brennan does not want America to be great again which is great again because Trump has unleashed American capitalism and the world does not know what to do about it.

They are losing because America has decided to compete which it has not done in a long time. With that said, the world is also safer because Trump kills terrorists rather than reward them like Obama did (Obama ignored ISIS and gave billions to Iran).

Brennan is an integral part of the ‘deep state’ our President often talks about, which wants to make sure the US does not create a new global order under President Trump.

For the past several decades, establishment cronies, both on the left and right (mainly on the left), have benefitted massively from the status quo – allowing millions of unskilled illegals to enter this country, allowing public schools to be turned into baby sitting ghetto camps, ignoring North Korea and Russia and even rewarding them, funding terrorist countries like Pakistan and Iran, and promoting a culture of degeneracy and deracination with the active support of Hollywood.

The Deep State’s Hatred for Trump

The election of Trump, however, has stopped their gravy train and privileges. Trump, as he promised, is trying to drain the swamp, which despicable creatures like Brennan are a part of. This is why the left is trying to get rid of Donald Trump at any cost.

They need a Democratic President or a RINO President who has no issue towing their line. The election of Trump, a self-made American patriot, has thrown a spanner in their works, which has made them come unhinged.

The worst part is that people like Brennan are monetizing their security clearance by giving national security information to news channels.

When Sen. Rand Paul stated that Brennan’s security clearance should be revoked, the NBC President himself came to the support of Brennan and stated that revoking the security clearance could hurt Brennan financially. It is basically an admission that Brennan was selling national security information to news channels.

What Needs to Be Done

John Brennan has proved without a shadow of a doubt that he is not a patriot. His love for corrupt and shady government (what Orwell warned us about) is greater than his loyalty to the country, which is why he has joined hands with fascist leftists who want to remove Trump by any means necessary. If such people could share national security information with our news channels, what is stopping them from doing the same with our enemy nations, just to spite Trump?

President Trump needs to follow Sen. Rand Paul’s suggestion and revoke the security clearance of John Brennan, James Clapper (former Director of National Intelligence), and other such establishment moles who are not only trying to undermine the current government’s legitimacy, but putting our whole country at risk by sharing sensitive information with two-bit journalists who peddle fake news for a living.

Trump needs to make an example out of such disgusting traitors so that no one else dares to try such shenanigans ever again in the future.

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