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The Proposed Unmasking Antifa Bill is Necessary to Fight Leftwing Terrorists and Should Be Welcomed
07/20/2018 Antifa Bill Benjamin Roussey
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Last week, Republican Rep. Dan Donovan (NY) introduced a bill called ‘Unmasking Antifa’ in an effort to curb the antisocial and antinational activities of leftwing terrorists who call themselves Antifa, which is short for anti-fascists which is hilarious since they are fascists.

The Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 aims to increase penalties and prison term for people who engage in violence while wearing a mask.

The Need for the Bill

Ever since the great job creator Trump became the US President, Antifa has been on a path of rampage, engaging in acts of vandalism, destruction of public and private property, intimidation, and even physical violence.

The group, which does not have a central command and is dispersed in small batches across the country, has conducted numerous protest marches against President Trump and almost all of those marches invariably ended with chaotic violence.

There have been numerous instances where Antifa thugs violently attacked Trump supporters in broad daylight, without fearing the consequences in the slightest. Anyone who is wearing a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat is a target for these psychopaths, who tend to attack in groups like a pack of hyenas.

Since they are too emasculated to fight one on one, they attack in packs, blindside their victims, and run away before the victims even realize what happened. Antifa thugs have even attacked women, which goes to show that left-liberals have no ethics and they never fight with honor. They don’t join the military that is for sure – their pitiful nature would not allow them too.

They are sad folks – they are anti America and don’t help America to be a strong nation. They like broken and failing cities like Baltimore and Chicago – that is their body of work on full display.

Media’s Role in Encouraging Violence

One of the reasons why Antifa terrorists have been so brazen is that they have the support of our entire mainstream media. All mainstream news channels – barring Fox News – glamorize, encourage, and support these sociopaths, justify their acts of terrorism, and normalize their behavior.

As a result, a large number of Americans are under the misconception that anti-fascists are just misguided youth with radically progressive thoughts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Antifa members should be hunted and killed like all criminal gangs should and like we do cockroaches.  

Antifa members are psychopathic in their hatred towards everything that makes America great. They hate white Americans, they hate normal families, they hate children, they hate our military, they hate our police forces, they hate our laws, they hate our justice system, and they hate our very existence. They do help ISIS though and pedophiles. Their actions help out those groups/individuals so they may not actively support them but since they want America to be broken down and weak they open the door even wider for this type of evil.

This is why Antifa members should be eliminated.

On November 10th, 2016 – the day after Trump was elected – there were massive protests in bankrupt and the leading homeless state which is California, which was dutifully covered by the CNN. At one point, a Latino protester claimed that ‘people had to die for the country’s freedom and it needs to happen again’.

Make no mistake about it – it is exactly what the liberals want. They want to stoke, encourage, and actively support sectarian violence in the country just to make sure Donald Trump does not get re-elected.

Unmasking Antifa – Need of the Hour

If the proposed bill becomes a law, Antifa thugs, who have the habit of wearing masks and disguising themselves while engaging in acts of terrorism, will be severely punished for doing so. Under the law, such people would be fined more and given prison terms of up to 15 years.

It is exactly what we need to combat leftist terrorists who think they could do anything and get away with it, just because they are supported by the corrupt mainstream media (which Michael Bay poked fun of in the awesome Transformers 2 movie but this is another topic) and the Democratic Party.

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