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Trump’s Ultimatum to Germany and Other NATO Allies is the Need of The Hour
07/20/2018 NATO allies Benjamin Roussey
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Last week, President Trump issued a stern warning to our major NATO allies regarding their defense spending and issued an ultimatum to Germany for its gas deals with Russia.

What Germany is doing is disgusting. America should completely pull out of Germany, all troops, if they don’t buy our natural gas.  

It was unprecedented, as the world had never seen a US President taking such a tough stance with NATO members before because previous presidents have bowed down to the industrial military complex which is not always looking out for America. It was, however, the right move for several reasons.

Trump’s Outburst against NATO Allies

Trump stated that the US has been bearing the weight of the entire organization since its inception, while other members like France and Germany have only been spending a minimal amount of their total GDP, while ideally, they should be contributing much more.

The United States, which has the largest GDP in the world, spends 3.6% of its GDP on NATO, which is massive. The United Kingdom, France, and Germany, on the other hand, spend a mere 2.1%, 1.7%, and 1.2% of their GDP respectively. Essentially, the American taxpayer is funding the nuclear shield for the benefit of NATO countries who benefit from NATO – America does not really benefit from NATO.

In fact, NATO could be construed as a giant waste of money to the US tax payer. If Russia wants to invade Germany, let it happen. Not one American should die for any German. On top of this, Russia is not going to invade Germany because Germany can build a capable war machine and both countries would destroy each other.  

The spending target for most European members of the NATO is a mere 2% of the GDP and still, they are reluctant to meet the goal. Basically, they want to enjoy the protective shield of the US without actually having to pay for it. This is precisely why Trump asked them to meet their target of 2% of the GDP faster and then increase their spending further.

Germany’s Gas Deal with Russia

Trump singled out Germany and lambasted Angela Merkel for signing a natural gas deal with Russia. Russia’s influence on Europe is primarily driven by its natural gas exports since it cannot threaten any NATO member militarily.

While it is understandable that many European countries, including Germany, signed gas deals with Russia in the past to meet their domestic energy needs – it is totally unfathomable to do it now, when the US is currently the largest producer of natural gas in the world.

Moreover, the new pipeline from Russia to Germany completely cuts off Ukraine so that it could not benefit from the transit fees. This is Russia’s way of punishing Ukraine for taking a pro-NATO stand. Germany did not even bother to contest this point with Russia, despite the fact that many European countries were against it, way before Trump even brought it up at the summit.

Trump’s Ultimatum to Germany

Trump has rightly called out Germany for its dependence on Russia when they could be buying LNG from us. The message that Trump has sent out is very clear. The US is spending a disproportionate amount of money on NATO, while most of the member organizations are looking out for themselves, despite the fact that they could contribute so much more.

Also, Germany should not sign deals with Russia and buy natural gas from the US instead. It is disingenuous to expect the American taxpayer to defend you while you pay billions to Russia year after year.

If these reasonable demands are not met, the US always has the option of separating from the NATO or at the very least cutting its budget significantly – both of which could have devastating consequences for other NATO members. So, it is entirely in their interest to pay heed to President Trump’s words and keep up their promises.

Trump needs to even go harder at Germany. This madness needs to stop today!

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