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US Trade Deficit at a Record Low and Manufacturing Employment Rate at Record High Thanks to Trump’s Policies
07/13/2018 US Trade Benjamin Roussey
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Ever since Trump became POTUS, our economy has been on an upward trajectory and reaching new milestones month after month.

Statistics show that the US trade deficit is the lowest it has ever been in over a decade and the employment rate in the manufacturing sector is the highest it has ever been in over a decade.

Low Trade Deficit – A Good Sign

When President Trump proposed retaliatory tariffs on China and the G7 nations, liberals criticized the move and stated that a trade war would affect our economy badly. Like they care about the economy – they passed Obamacare which also killed thousands of people!

Recent reports, however, show that for the month of May, the US trade deficit stood at $43.1 billion – the lowest it has ever been in 10 years. Our exports increased by 1.9%, which again is a record high and disproves the myth spread by liberals that if we imposed retaliatory tariffs, other countries would stop buying our products.

Manufacturing Employment Increases Significantly

For the month of June, the US economy added 36,000 jobs in manufacturing, which is a ten-year high for the sector. The highest number of jobs was created in metal manufacturing and vehicle parts manufacturing – 7,000 and 12,000 jobs, respectively.

This is a direct result of Trump’s tariffs on imported steel and electronic products, which has boosted job growth in our country, as our manufacturers have started hiring Americans in record numbers.

The Significance of Trump’s Policies

The magnitude of this achievement can be understood only if you know the shambolic state our economy was in when Obama left the Oval Office.

Our country went through a massive recession known as the Frank/Greenspan Recession, a record number of jobs were lost, foreign investors were losing confidence, and our manufacturers were struggling to compete with multinational corporations that were flooding our markets with cheap imported goods.

On top of it, Obama was also planning to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which would have dealt a death blow to our economy.

If the TPP had been implemented, millions of American jobs would have been lost and the average hourly wage in the country would have come down, as our workers would have been forced to compete with laborers from low-paying, third-world countries.

Trump’s Agenda of Change

Trump, being a businessman, could clearly see what was wrong with our economy and rightly promised to end TPP when he was running for presidency.

He also promised to restructure the unfair trade deals that our country had entered into with all our allies and competitors. In short, he promised to put American interests first – something which no other President before him seemed to care about.

Today, our economy is growing at a fast pace, record number of jobs are created in almost every industry, American workers no longer have to compete with third-world workers who are willing to work for slave wages because there is not any other options in their socialist California like dictatorship lead countries, and our manufacturers do not have to compete with unscrupulous companies from China which engage in unfair and unethical business practices.

Simply put, we are winning, just like Trump promised we would!

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