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The Abolish ICE Movement is a Ploy to Turn America Into a Third World Country
07/06/2018 Abolish ICE Benjamin Roussey
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Left liberals are known to espouse the craziest of ideas, which have never been known to work in human history.

From socialism to gun control (they did that in China, millions dead), transgender rights (immoral), and multiculturalism (LA has failed), the list is too long to be mentioned here. Recently, they have started raising a slogan which is not only crazy, but very dangerous and could have serious consequences. The slogan is ‘Abolish ICE’.

The left needs voters since real Americans don’t vote for them anymore.

When it All Started

The clamor to dismantle the ICE started after the media-created frenzy regarding illegal immigrants. Our mainstream news channels, rightly called ‘fake news’ by the President, showed fake photos and footages of children being separated from their parents at the border and shouted from rooftops that the Trump administration was following ‘Nazi strategies’.

It is one of the tried-and-tested strategies of the left liberal cabal. Anyone someone does something they do not agree with, the cabal brands them ‘Nazis’.

What is Actually Happening

The Trump administration is trying to curb the menace of illegal immigration, which has the potential to change the demographics of our country and turn us into a third world hellhole – just like the countries that these people are fleeing from.

The illegal aliens, treated with kid gloves by the previous administration, are emboldened and are sneaking into our country every month by the thousands. They are mainly going to California which is piling them into ghettos and packed hotel rooms, hooking them on food stamps, and trying to get them to vote because real Americans don’t support irrational policies.   

Sensing that the Trump administration is doing something good for the country, left liberals have started to target immigration officials with a vengeance. Liberal thugs are marching on the streets, vandalizing property, attacking anyone they think is a Trump supporter, and wreaking havoc on the innocent citizens of the country.

Why is it Happening?

The plan of left liberals is quite simple. They want to change the demographics of this country radically, fill our neighborhoods with illegal aliens, and turn our country into a third world country.

If you listen to what liberal pundits are saying on fake news channels like CNN, you can easily understand what their agenda is. Though they say that they only want illegal aliens to be treated in a ‘humane manner’, what they actually want is to abolish our southern border completely. Why do they want to do this? There are two important reasons.

  • First, every single illegal alien who sneaks into our country votes for the Democratic Party because they need to feed the babies they should not have had and because they don’t care about America (since they don’t care about America they should be treated like they are the enemy since they are). So, they are looking out for their current and future voter base.
  • Secondly, left liberals have a visceral hatred for white Americans and want them to be replaced with other ethnic groups. If you listen to some of the people from radical left groups like Antifa who put rapists in our neighborhoods and are responsible for the Orlando terrorist attack, they are quite open about their hatred for white people, jobs, and low taxes (this is because these idiots spent $100,000 on a stupid humanities degree and now cannot find a decent paying job! – losers!). They even say that our founding fathers were slave owning racists and should not be remembered or respected which is ridiculous because no country in the world has done more good for this world than America! Just ask those in South Korea and any honest European!

Simply put, they hate everything that America stands for. We want minimal government influence, they want a welfare state. We want guns for good people, they want gun control which means your mother and/or sister can be raped easier (probably by one of them). We love people who respect our laws, they love illegal aliens.

Raping Latino Woman

The Abolish ICE movement is ridiculous. The IRS is the only thing that should be abolished but it has been cut down because of Trump which is outstanding. These lunatics should be stopped at any cost, for the sake of America and even Latin America.

Their policies are getting Latinos raped at the border and only encouraging woman in Latin America to have kids they cannot pay for so they can hope to receive better treatment by American officials. Disgusting!

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