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Liberals Are Playing a Dangerous Game by Personally Attacking Republicans and Their Families
07/06/2018 Republicans Benjamin Roussey
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Over the past few weeks, we are seeing a new low in our political discourse. Liberals have started attacking Republicans – Trump supporters in particular – and their families in the most disgraceful manner.

They are upset they have no platform. Republicans win on every issue accept the marijuana one. Democrats actually need illegals to vote for them that is how pathetic they are.  

From slanderous remarks on Trump, his family, and his supporters to threatening to physically harm them, liberals are doing everything they can to divide our society permanently.

Attacks on Trump Administration Officials

A couple of weeks back, Sarah Sanders was kicked out of Red Hen restaurant in Virginia, just because she works for President Trump. The restaurant owner then proudly stated that she took a stand against an ‘inhumane administration’.

Red Hen’s business has suffered since then and they put themselves on the wrong political map.

Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen was heckled by a group of liberal thugs at a restaurant in Washington DC and was forced to leave. At another restaurant in the DC area, Trump advisor Stephen Miller, who is credited with drafting the zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration, was confronted by a liberal miscreant, who called Miller a real-life fascist.

Conservatives need to start carrying guns with them. Liberals need to go away.

Why it is Happening

Make no mistake about it – these were not isolated incidents. Liberals have set in motion a well thought-out plan to defame, shame, and harm Trump administration officials any way they can. The news channels are crying on a 24x7 basis that this is a fascist government and that ordinary citizens should take ‘uncomfortable actions’ to bring Trump down.

‘Uncomfortable actions’ – Now, we know what that means, don’t we? It means that champagne sipping liberals want ordinary Americans to turn against each other, antagonize their own people for the sake of illegal aliens, attack innocent people and their families just because they happen to be Republicans, and unwittingly play a role in the destruction of their homeland.

Liberals Crossing the Line

While the personal attacks on Trump administration officials are disgraceful, liberals crossed a line when they attacked Barron Trump, the 12-year old son of the President. Actor Peter Fonda, a talentless hack if there ever was one, tweeted that he wants to ‘rip Barron off his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles’.

Now, think about that for a second. A liberal Democrat voter wants a small child to be placed with pedophiles, just because he happens to be the son of a Republican. That is the level of vileness and hatred we are dealing with now.

We know the left likes pedophiles – they put them back on the street and the ACLU celebrates it.

What Needs To Be Done

The time to play nice is over. We are no longer dealing with political opponents, with whom we can disagree in a gentlemanly way. The current generation of liberals has dropped all the pretence of being a civil opposition. They want to humiliate us, attack our families, ruin our careers, and destroy our lives just because we happen to like the President and his anti political correct and pro common sense policies.

President Trump should take the strictest possible action to put these liberal thugs in their place. Set riot control forces free and let them deal with these hooligans. Make it illegal for taxpayer-funded universities to have student unions.

Most importantly, kick out the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) who are still crying for ‘civility in politics’. Wake up and smell the coffee, you morons! Liberals want to destroy you and your families. And you are begging them to play nice? It is time we put our foot down and say that such personal attacks will not be tolerated!

Paul Ryan – you better start focusing on Rosenstein too!

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