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Who is a Real American?
06/29/2018 American Benjamin Roussey
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As America continues to be disrespected and desecrated by liberals every single day, it is time for us to ask an important question – who is a real American?

What makes someone an ideal American citizen? To answer the question, one must first understand what made our country the greatest in the world.

Our Country’s Founding Principles

America was founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (great movie Will Smith!). What made us different from other countries was that our founding fathers wanted America to have a soul and character of its own. This is why, despite being under British control for a long time, we did not imitate their style of governance, like most other British colonies have done.

The basic tenets of our system of governance include limited government, representative government, reasonable tax rates, Judeo-Christian values, and the right to own arms. The founding fathers created an atmosphere where hardworking and ambitious people could thrive and succeed.

The American Way of Success

It should be noted that we did not colonize any country like other world powers like Britain, France, or Germany did. We did not plunder other people’s wealth. What we have today is what we earned by fighting for it in a fair and square manner – instead of sneaking through the back into other countries under the guise of trade, which is what Britain did for centuries.

Yet we managed to outsmart and outpace every single country in the world and became the sole superpower in a remarkably short period of time. The tenacity and ambitiousness of our people is truly unparalleled!

Our Current Situation and How It Happened

Fast forward to the 21st century, and what do we have here now?

We have moved away from limited government to a nanny state, our first and second amendment rights are under threat, our country is being flooded with illegal aliens from all over the world, our children are prohibited from singing bible verses in schools, and our cultural and intellectual elite are poisoning the minds of our people by spreading the values of atheism and degeneracy.

How did we end up here? The answer could be summed up in one word – liberalism. A liberal, by definition, is a man with no virtues or convictions, as he is willing to compromise with everything and everyone.

It is a weak, defeatist mindset whose origin could be traced back to Europe – a continent which is currently getting ravaged by immigrants due to weak leadership, lack of Christian values, and an unarmed, vulnerable population.

Liberals want to replicate the same here by allowing millions of illegal aliens into our country and by turning our schools and colleges into indoctrination centers that churn out godless degenerates by the thousands every year. Make no mistake about it – this is war. A war on our people, a war on our culture, a war on our values, and a war on everything our forefathers fought for.

What Needs To Be Done

It is time for every American to stand up and raise his voice against liberals who despise our country. It is time to remind liberal pansies that when it comes to America – you either love it, or by God you leave it!

Go to Germany, Canada, Japan, wherever! You are not wanted here.

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