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Why the United States is Absolutely Right to Withdraw From the UN’s Human Rights Council
06/29/2018 UN Human Rights Benjamin Roussey
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Last week, the winning and amazing Donald Trump administration made yet another commendable move by withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council, a move which was long overdue.

Nikki Haley, who currently serves as the US Ambassador to the UN, made the official announcement on the 19th of June and stated that the country will no longer be part of the ‘hypocritical and self-serving’ body.

The Official Announcement

The announcement came in the wake of a condemnation passed by the UN Human Rights Council against Israel for the violence in Gaza strip in which 62 violent and brainwashed Palestinians were killed.

The large scale riots and the widespread violence that followed were part of the strategy of Islamic terrorists in Palestine who were not happy with Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capital which it is.

Stick to Mecca Muslims! Your entire religion is based on fallacious assumptions. Jesus Christ was the son of God and never resorted to violence.

The liberal left cabal in the United States, along with many members of the United Nations, condemned Israel for ‘attacking civilians’, despite the fact that every single person killed in the riots belonged to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organizations.

The UNHRC’s Biased Behavior

What is even more ridiculous is that the UNHRC never really bothers to condemn the actions of the horrendously abusive and oppressive regimes in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela (destroyed by Hugo Chavez – socialism does not work Bernie!). It even allowed the Democratic Republic of Congo to become a member of the council, despite the country’s horrific record in terms of human rights and press freedom.

On the other hand, the human rights body has all the time in the world to criticize Israel and pass resolution after resolution condemning the country’s actions, which are usually defensive in nature. It even has the gall to criticize the United States for its human rights record, despite the fact that the agency practically runs on US funding.

Cut the funding!

Obama’s Silent Approval of the UNHRC

This is not an isolated incident by any means, as there is a pattern to the long list of resolutions passed by the UNHRC. The resolutions are mostly against Israel, while the real abusive regimes get away scot-free after committing untold atrocities against their own populations and those in other countries.

One of the reasons for the brazenly biased behavior of the UNHRC is the patronage it received from the previous administration. Obama stood by and watched silently as a supposedly neutral council took anti-Israel and anti-American stance on every international issue while growing fat on the US taxpayer’s money.

The Right Move by Trump

Thankfully, the Trump administration has put an end to the charade by withdrawing from what Nikki Haley perfectly described as a ‘cesspool of political bias’ that makes a mockery of the very term human rights.

The move, predictably, was not well received by liberals who claimed that Trump has made America look like a rogue state and dictatorship by withdrawing from the human rights council. Guess what idiots? Pretty much every single rogue state and oppressive regime in the world is actually a member of the council. If anything, Trump has restored our country’s reputation by withdrawing from it.

This is also the right time for Trump to stop funding the UN and all its useless agencies. It is time we stopped our taxpayers from footing the bill for an organization that almost always takes a stance against us and our allies.

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