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Paul Ryan’s Amnesty Deal is Inimical to American Interests and Should be Rejected Outright
06/18/2018 Illegal Immigration Benjamin Roussey
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Illegal immigration is the single biggest issue our country is facing today and the current GOP administration – with the exception of President Trump – seems to be oblivious to it.

Despite Trump’s efforts to curb the menace of illegal immigration, many people in the GOP, House Speaker Paul Ryan in particular, seem to have a soft corner for the illegal alien population that has infested our country.

Ryan’s Amnesty Bill is a Threat to Our Country

Paul Ryan’s amnesty bill plans to give amnesty to the entire DACA population, which is nothing short of a disaster. President Trump had earlier promised that he would give amnesty only to those illegal immigrants who were brought here as small children by their parents.

Ryan, on the other hand, is extending the amnesty deal to everyone who is enrolled in the DACA program and eligible to be enrolled in the program. The total number of these people could be well over 3.5 million.

Ryan’s bill does not have any strict guidelines to choose people who are eligible for amnesty. As long as they meet minimal educational requirements, they will be given amnesty. Millions of poorly educated people who cannot speak our language, cannot integrate into our culture or refuse to, and will take away jobs that are meant for American citizens – is this your idea of a ‘great America’, Ryan?

No Cap on Amnesty to Foreign Nationals

Yet another disastrous feature of Ryan’s amnesty bill is that it plans to give amnesty to the children of temporary foreign workers through a provision called ‘Pathway Concept B’.

The worst part is that there is no cap on the number of foreign workers who can get amnesty for their children. So, it opens the gates for millions of workers from all over the world, who can come to America on a temporary work visa and then get amnesty for their children, making them permanent citizens of the country. America does not need more unskilled laborers! America needs skilled laborers you idiot!

America does not need more people that don’t speak English!

Now, we do need qualified workers from all over the world to come to our country. After all, we are still the intellectual capital of the world. It should be, however, a mutually beneficial relationship.

If a worker comes to our country, offers his services, gets paid for the same, and returns to his homeland, everyone benefits! If he, on the other hand, stays here permanently and if his children become American citizens, it becomes an entirely unfair deal, particularly for the citizens of this country who already taxed enough to pay for people who cannot pay for themselves.

Those tax cuts are awesome but America is trillions in debt and is tired of seeing illegals or useless or unproductive people soak up our resources.

The Way Forward

To put an end to this menace, Trump needs to kick out the illegal aliens in the country, build the wall to prevent further intrusion at the border, and then tighten immigration norms so that we only take in a small number of highly qualified immigrants every year (we need engineers, tech pros, and math experts). Above all, Trump needs to throw Ryan’s amnesty bill into the trash can, where it rightly belongs!

If illegal parents don’t want to be separated from their kids then don’t bring your kids and don’t come at all! Stand in line like everyone else.

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