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Why Trump is Right to Impose Tariffs on G7 Countries
06/18/2018 G7 summit Benjamin Roussey
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In the past couple of weeks, every liberal in the country has turned into an economist and has been criticizing President Trump for his ‘combative approach’ at the G7 summit.

So, what exactly did Trump do to garner such hatred besides be a real American and get people off government handouts which we know liberals love to connect people with? He did what he was voted in for – looking out for the best interests of the country by imposing tariffs on G7 nations.

Trade Deals in Pre-Trump America

One thing we need to understand about our trade deals with other countries, particularly the countries in G7, is that they are unfairly structured against us. Other countries so far have been given a free hand to impose stiff tariffs on American products so that they can protect their local economy.

The United States, on the other hand, has been very liberal with its trade partners and has not imposed such stiff tariffs on exports from other countries. Up until now, other countries were looking out for their best interests, for which America paid a steep price.

Here is what was happening until now. Our trade partners made sure that their products and services were not taxed at a higher rate and tariffs were not imposed so that they can sell to American customers without any difficulties. They, on the other hand, imposed tariffs on American products and taxed them at a higher rate so that they remain prohibitively expensive for their customers.

Our leaders allowed our market to be flooded with products and services from all over the world, which made it difficult for our own manufacturers to compete with them.

Our exports to other countries, on the other hand, were made costlier due to unreasonable tariffs. Basically, our people were spending their hard earned money on exports from other countries while our own manufacturers did not get much in return from their exports to other countries. Talk about an unfair trade deal!

Trump Proposes Retaliatory Tariffs

Trump is perhaps the first American President to have raised the issue of unfair tariffs on American products at a global summit. He rightly called our country a ‘piggy bank’ that every country in the world has been taking money from.

He has imposed tariffs on exports from a number of countries – including our so called trade partners in the G7. Our trade deal with Canada in particular has been extremely unfair.

In 2014, the US had a whopping $35 billion trade deficit with Canada. Was it because our manufacturers could not compete with their Canadian counterparts? Not at all! It was due to predatory trade practices by the Canadian government and the unfair tariffs imposed on American products.

This is why Trump has now imposed retaliatory tariffs on exports from several countries. The scale has finally been tilted in our favor. This of course did not go down well with Justin Trudeau, who stated that he will not be pushed around.

The same guy who kowtows to Islamic terrorists in his own country, tries to silence free speech activists, asks people to stop using the word ‘mankind’ and instead use ‘people kind’, and runs a socialist economy that robs the productive citizens to pay for immigrant leeches – he has the gall to point fingers at Trump.

A New Beginning

World leaders, of course, cannot be blamed. For a long time, they were used to dealing with American Presidents who were bending over backwards to accommodate the demands of the international community. For the first time, we have a President who has the guts to stand up for what he believes is right for the American people. Tough luck Canada; you are going to have to deal with it!

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