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More Sordid Details Emerge From Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Scandal Involving Pakistani IT Guy
06/08/2018 scandal Benjamin Roussey
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The Debbie Wasserman Schultz scandal is turning nastier by the day, with more sordid details emerging from the investigation.

It was bad enough that Wasserman Schultz allowed the Pakistani IT guy – Imran Awan – access to the house servers which contained sensitive data. Now, it turns out that she also intervened in an illegal land deal in Pakistan to help Awan’s family acquire a piece of land by coercion.

Wasserman Schultz’s Attempt to Scuttle the Investigation

Right from the moment cybersecurity officials started investigating the scandal, Wasserman Schultz was not cooperative. When the officials found out that she had allowed Awan to access her system, even though he was banned from the House computer network, she apparently flipped a switch and became hysterical.

She lashed out at the officials, calling them ‘f*cking Islamophobes’ and telling them that she will not allow them to take away even Awan’s parking spot.

The Close Relationship between Wasserman Schultz and Imran Awan

Awan’s daughter – Leza – was apparently named by Wasserman Schultz herself. The Florida Congresswoman also allowed her own daughter to ride a horse that belonged to Awan.

In 2009, Awan’s family was involved in a shady land deal, in which they tried to arm-twist an agricultural family into selling their farmland for practically nothing. When the family protested and filed a complaint against Awan’s father at the police station, Wasserman Schultz used her influence to shield Awan’s father.

The Pakistani press published a series of articles claiming that Awan’s family was protected by a powerful US congresswoman (Schultz) and that they could do anything in Pakistan and get away with it. The Pakistani police, instead of taking action against Awan’s family, intimidated and harassed the victims at Wasserman Schultz’s behest.

Awan’s Family had Access to Sensitive Information

Officials say that Awan’s father gave a USB stick containing sensitive information to a Pakistani senator. Imran Awan not only gave it to his father, but also bragged that his position in Congress gave him access to sensitive information and that he had the ‘power to change the US President’.

Questions to Be Asked

Now, it is very clear that the relationship between Wasserman Schultz and Imran Awan was not the usual employer-employee relationship in the traditional sense. The Congresswoman not only allowed Awan to get away with things that would land a normal US citizen in prison, but she also actively shielded him and his entire family using her influence!

Why would a US Congresswoman go out of her way to help a Muslim family in Pakistan, that too in an illegal deal? Why would she lose her mind when her IT aide was about to be nabbed by the authorities for what clearly amounts to treasonous behavior? Clearly, there is more to this scandal that what meets the eye right now and we can expect more sordid details to come out in the near future.

The only question to be asked now is – why is Debbie Wasserman Schultz not rotting in a prison right now? If she gets away with this, it will send a very wrong message to the entire country – that you can tamper with national security, disregard Congressional ethics, and still somehow keep your political career intact.

Well no one wants to be near this pile of crap now. Not even brain-dead Nancy Pelosi will defend this woman after these stories are now coming out. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s career is over with.

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