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Separating Illegal Alien Children From Their Parents at the Border – Here’s What is Actually Happening
06/08/2018 Immigration Policy Benjamin Roussey
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In the past couple of weeks, we have been inundated with pictures of illegal alien children at the borders separated from their parents.

Liberals claim that the Trump administration is using Nazi tactics and that it is cruel and heartless to separate children from their parents despite these pictures being taken when that job killing brainwashed Obama was president. Exactly what is going on at the border? Let us dig in deep and find out the truth.

Trump’s New Immigration Policy

The new policy by Trump separates children from their parents at the border and treats them as if they arrived at the border on their own. The children are taken to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which tries to find sponsors for these children. If there are no sponsors, these children are then placed in government-contracted shelters.

The illegal alien parents, on the other hand, are detained and held in federal criminal detention facilities and prosecuted for entering the country illegally.

Now, it is important to understand why such a policy is required in the first place. It all goes back to Obama, under whose reign our country became a global refugee center for illegal aliens from all over the world which is why people were killed at a nightclub in Orlando, the terrorist act in San Bernardino, Boston, Ft. Hood, and so on happened. We can even blame 9-11 on the left since Bill Clinton ignored Al Qaeda and did not take that threat serious.  

Disastrous Immigration Policies of Obama

The Obama administration used to detain illegal alien families along with their children, hold them in detention centers, and then release them shortly afterwards. The illegal aliens were typically issued a notice to appear in court after their release from the detention center.

They did not, as you can imagine, care for the court notice and simply blended in with the local population, knowing that neither the federal authorities nor the state administration will ever try to deport them.

This disastrous policy continued for eight long years, which allowed thousands and thousands of illegal aliens to sneak into our country with their children in tow, because they knew that they would be released by the authorities after a few days at the detention center. It not only emboldened illegal aliens, but actually offered them an incentive to cross the border.

This did not bother the Democrats since they want more people hooked onto the system because they are socialist in nature. They like disgusting neighborhoods filled up with helpless people so they can hook them onto the government handout gravy train. This is how they buy votes!

Think about it this way. If you are an illegal alien who is looking to sneak into America, if you know that the authorities will go soft on you if you bring your children along, and even if you are detained, you would be released after a few days, why would you not want to cross the border?

There is absolutely no deterrent at all for the aliens in such a scenario. This is the policy that Obama preferred for two whole terms, which essentially turned many parts of our country into third world hellholes (LA, San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, much of Chicago and Miami, and so on).

Fake News and Fake Photos

To hide the disastrous effects of the Obama era immigration policy, liberals have resorted to posting fake pictures and circulating photos taken elsewhere to garner sympathy for illegal aliens.

Some of the more deluded members of the left have even compared Trump’s policy to that of the Nazis. Because you see – in the liberal world, wanting to protect your country and preventing people from crossing the borders illegally and bringing sanity to the immigration process (and eliminating rape, drug use, and child molestation which is what is happening at the border which does not bother liberals at all) amounts to Nazism.

For liberals to think this way, it is more support to the theory that liberalism is a disease.

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