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Crimes by Illegal Aliens On The Rise in Sanctuary Cities
06/05/2018 Illegal Aliens Benjamin Roussey
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What happens when you take in criminal elements from other countries and reward them for their bad behavior? They continue to commit more crimes – that’s what!

Data from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) shows that sanctuary cities like New York City routinely release illegal aliens who have been issued immigration detainers and they continue to commit crimes with impunity.

Liberals don’t care. They want power; they don’t care if woman are raped and families are attacked.

Crimes by Illegal Aliens on the Rise

The latest report from the ICE says that in cities like New York, illegal aliens with criminal records are routinely released from local custody, after which they continue to commit more crimes. Data shows that 440 criminal aliens were released in New York recently and 40 of them committed crimes right after their release.

It is a cycle – officials arrest illegal aliens, liberal politicians release them, the aliens commit crimes again and get arrested, and they are released again. The ICE has tried to put an end to this cycle by placing these aliens on immigration detainers, but there has been absolutely no support from local law enforcement agencies because their asinine liberal leaders force them to maintain this violent cycle.

As local authorities let loose such criminal elements, honest, tax-paying, and law-abiding citizens suffer the most, as they have to bear the brunt of the reckless and criminal behavior of illegal aliens. What has happened as a result is that neighborhoods that were once safe with extremely low crime rates have now turned into unlivable cesspools with violent crimes increasing by the day.

The ICE’s Efforts to Curb the Illegal Alien Crime Menace

Since law enforcement agencies in sanctuary cities do not cooperate at all with the ICE, the federal organization has taken it upon itself to curb the menace of illegal alien crime wave to the extent possible. ICE authorities make at-large arrests in sanctuary cities and try to lock up and deport illegal aliens any which way they can.

This is, however, not the job of the ICE. Ideally, it should be done by local authorities, whose hands are tied by liberal politicians who do not care about the safety of law enforcement officials or the wellbeing of the people as already mentioned.

It goes to show that the Trump administration is trying its very best to stem the flow of illegal aliens into the country and to deport those who are already here. It is not an easy task, as sanctuary cities are not only refusing to cooperate with federal authorities, but are actually resisting the efforts to curb the menace of illegal immigration. It amounts to treasonous behavior!

Time to Make Sanctuary Cities Pay

It is time to make sanctuary cities pay for their atrociously irresponsible and criminal behavior. For far too long, they have managed to antagonize the federal administration and actively tried to sabotage the government’s efforts to make this country safer.

We cannot reason with liberals, as they are willing to give the country on a platter to illegal aliens just to get their votes in return.

Trump should penalize these cities and cut off federal funding until they restore law and order and start cooperating with federal authorities. It is the only way to make sure that the government’s efforts are not ruined by selfish liberals who love criminal aliens more than they love their own citizens.

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