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Black Unemployment Rate at a Record Low Thanks to Trump’s Pro-Business Policies
06/05/2018 Pro Business Policies Benjamin Roussey
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Unemployment rates continue to plummet all over the country ever since Trump assumed office, much to the chagrin of champagne sipping liberals who cried hoarse that Trump could never deliver on his promises.

The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the country added 223,000 jobs in May 2018 and the unemployment rate fell down to 3.8% - the lowest it has ever been in the past 17 years.

And just wait to that disgusting job killing, offensive, and murderous Obamacare law goes away. Then America’s economy will truly be unleashed.

Unemployment Rate Falls across Demographics

The best part about these figures is that the unemployment rate has decreased considerably across demographic groups. The unemployment rate among blacks and Latinos has always been higher than that of whites.

The condition worsened under the Obama administration and the gap between white and black Americans increased considerably during his two terms. The latest figures, however, show that the gap has started to shrink and that black Americans have started to climb the ladder of social upward mobility, which is great news for the entire country. Too bad Jesse Jackson is upset about this – he wants to keep his race in chains.

Him and Al Sharpton want to play the race shakedown game – they don’t want blacks to be independent and to have opportunities. That would nullify their entire existence.

The data shows that the unemployment rate among black people is at 5.9%, which is the lowest it has ever been. It is also the closest that black unemployment rate has been to that of white unemployment rate.

This is a monumental feat and if the current trends continue, black Americans will finally be able to rid themselves of the shackles of rampant poverty and social decay, which have tormented them for as long as anyone of us can remember. No wants this not to happen more than Maxine Waters; she wants urban decay to remain strong so can exploit this so her side can capitalize on this disgusting notion.

The left is not liking what they are seeing! America becoming great again.

The Reason behind Black Unemployment

The Democrats, right from the days of Lyndon Johnson, have used the black community merely as a vote bank. They have done very little to improve the lives of black Americans – both financially and socially. Their socialist policies have killed jobs and shut down businesses, as a result of which black people have suffered greatly.

Kanye West, Ice Cube, and 50 Cent have seen this. This is why they voted for Trump.

Liberals have also managed to instill a sense of victimhood into a large section of the black community by routinely pulling out the race card on every single issue. Their aim is not to improve the relations between white and black Americans. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – they want to keep the racial tension alive and simmering so that they can benefit from it.

Most importantly, liberals have opened the doors of the country to a large number of illegal aliens. As a result, a significant percentage of black Americans have not only been rendered jobless, but their neighborhoods have also become unlivable due to the influx of illegal aliens who don’t share American values.

Trump – The Difference Maker

During the run-up to the 2016 elections, Trump rightly asked black Americans – what have you got to lose?  He pointed out that their lives have not improved one bit by voting for the Democrats all these years.

It struck a chord with a lot of black people, who decided to give Trump – the outsider – a chance. Much to the surprise of liberals who branded Trump a racist, he got a higher percentage of black votes than Mitt Romney, who denounced Trump during the run-up to the elections. Like McCain, Romney is jealous that Trump got the job done and both of them failed, the former miserably.

Today, barely a year into his first term, Trump has achieved more than Obama could ever do in his eight long years. The black community is reaping the benefits of voting for the right man at the right time (but many more need to wake up and get that crap out of the brains which is called political correctness).

America is getting better and the left cannot stand it. Just like Gollum, the Democrats are destroying themselves and their lives.

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