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Nancy Pelosi’s Sickening Defense of MS-13 Gang Members
05/29/2018 MS 13 Gang Benjamin Roussey
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Just when we thought that we had seen the lowest of lows that liberals could stoop to, they plunged into a new depth last week. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made history last week by coming in support of the dreaded MS-13 gang members.

An American politician supporting a murderous cult of psychopaths! There are many people in this country who thought they would never live to see this day.

Trump’s Comments on MS-13 Gang

Earlier, President Trump had lashed out at MS-13 gang members and called them ‘animals’, which irked the entire left liberal establishment in the country because the Democrats need these animals to vote for them because real Americans have left that party. MS-13 is involved in a laundry list of criminal activities including murder, rape, extortion, and drug and women trafficking.

The gang members, most of whom happen to be of Central American origin, are known for their exceptional brutality – they routinely decapitate, dismember, and disfigure their victims in the most grotesque manner to send a message to their rivals and enemies. Democrats don’t care about this. Democrats chop up babies and sell their body parts on eBay.

Fittingly, the gang originated in California, which is basically the modern day Gomorrah. The gang already has a presence in our country. What is even more alarming is that many of the gang members are entering the country from Mexico in the guise of illegal immigrants. Thankfully, the Trump administration has been very proactive in dealing with these criminals – arresting and deporting them as soon as they enter the country.

Pelosi’s Defense of the Murderous Gang

Nancy Pelosi, in a new low even for liberals, chose to deliberately misinterpret the President’s comments and stated that Trump had called all illegal immigrants as ‘animals’. She also defended the MS-13 gang members by saying that we are all God’s children and that there is a ‘spark of divinity’ in everyone. This is not true because monsters are born evil. No worries Pelosi, we will take that attitude if any of them ever harm you.

Here is a suggestion, Nancy. Why don’t you get in touch with some of these gang members and try to convince them that they are, in fact, God’s children and that there is a spark of divinity within all of them. Just try it once and let’s see how it goes! Invite them over to your home, let them hang out with you in your living room!

Other Liberals Join In

Chuck Schumer, not to be outdone by Pelosi, protested Trump’s comments by saying that our great-great-grandparents who came to the United States in search of freedom and opportunity were not animals, so the illegal aliens who are sneaking into our country are not animals either. MS-13 did not enter America 100 years ago Schumer and the immigrants that came over 100 years ago were not hoping to get on food stamps.

This is not flawless logic – not even close! Comparing a generation of honest, enterprising people to worthless bottomfeeders who mooch off of our tax money – don’t liberals have any sense of shame?

Liberal Defense of Hamas

Not content with their defense of MS-13, a large number of liberals in the country also supported Hamas and stated that Israel was wrong to shoot the rioters who were wreaking havoc in the region. Because when a group of blood-thirsty Islamists are charging at you, you should not defend yourself and offer your head on a platter instead!

Liberalism – Code Word for Treason

Liberals do not have any sense of patriotism. They are not loyal to the country. They look down on genuine, hardworking Americans who love their country more than anything else. So, any time liberals talk about showing compassion to criminals and terrorists, they should be named and shamed and ridiculed. It is the only thing they deserve!

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