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It’s Time for Trump to Bypass Jeff Sessions and Clean Up The Intelligence Community
05/29/2018 Intelligence Community Benjamin Roussey
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It won’t be wrong to state that the 2016 US Presidential election was one where virtually the entire state machinery was geared up for one purpose – to defeat Donald Trump – by hook or crook. There is evidence piling up that spying did happen.

Was it by the Russians who wanted to manipulate the election results (even though Obama said no outside party or country could or would threaten the elections)? Or was it by the Obama administration which didn’t want Donald Trump at the White House?

All of America’s enemy’s in DC did not want Trump to become president. The deep state only wants power.

Obama Administration Spied on Trump?

There was no love lost between former President Obama and Donald Trump. Obama took every possible opportunity to deride Trump’s so called inexperience in political matters even though Obama never had experience doing anything unless it was putting more people in Chicago on food stamps. He never seemed to like the fact that someone like Trump could be so loved by the general public.

He just wanted his party’s candidate Hillary Clinton to win and for that he was willing to go to any lengths – including using the state machinery to spy on Trump.

While the Democrats vociferously deny the allegations of spying, it is quite easy to determine – based on the evidence available – that the Obama administration did spy on Trump and used the whole Russian story to cover up their own illegal actions.

James Clapper Confirms the Spying Angle

The spying allegations have in fact been confirmed by no less than James Clapper, who served as the Director of National Intelligence during the previous administration. Of course, he did not directly admit to spying on Trump’s campaign. Like all liberal weasels, he tried to trick people by playing the ‘national security’ card.

Clapper said that the spying did in fact happen, but the target of the spying campaign was not Trump, but the Russians he was apparently in contact with. He added that the mole or spy who had infiltrated the Trump campaign was passing on information to key officials in the Obama admin regarding what the Russians were up to.

Isn’t that cute? The Democrats would have us believe that Obama, who went on a global apology tour to defame the United States, made deals with rogue nations like Iran, and supported terrorist organizations like Hezbollah, suddenly developed a conscience and a sense of patriotism just when he was about to leave the office and started spying on Trump? Save your crap Democrats. You have been caught.

This is the most corrupt act in US political history. Obama is a disgusting person, 10 times worse than Nixon.

For what, you ask? Perhaps he was afraid that Trump might actually do something good for the country!

Time for a Cleanup

The time for talking and blame-gaming is over. It is now apparent to everyone with a functioning brain (liberals excluded) that Obama spied on Trump, used the state machinery to prevent a popular figure from occupying the office, and tried to sneak Hillary Clinton through the backdoor into the White House.

Unfortunately, Jeff Sessions has been unusually passive when it comes to dealing with rogue Democrats who broke the law with impunity during the previous administration. Sessions is weak and pathetic and his legacy is humpty dumpty like.

What Trump needs to do is – set up an independent commission to probe the spying scandal thoroughly, name and shame the Democrats who orchestrated the whole thing, get rid of the Clinton dynasty moles in the intelligence community, and punish those who misused the state machinery severely. It is time to teach the Democrats a lesson they will never forget!

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