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Americans Optimistic About the Country’s Direction After a Decade of Depression
05/19/2018 Americans Optimistic Benjamin Roussey
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What an amazing difference a change in administration makes! In less than two years after swearing in as the President, Donald Trump has managed to do what Obama could not do in eight long years (very long!) – making Americans feel optimistic about the direction the country is moving in.

CNN Poll Showcases America’s Positive Mood

Last week, CNN released a poll which stated that 57% of Americans are happy under the Trump administration and are optimistic about the direction the country is moving in. 52% of the respondents also stated that they are happy with the country’s economic performance under Trump.

During Obama’s administration, the same poll showed that only 40% of people were optimistic about the country. An increase of 17% in less than two years is nothing short of incredible, the credit for which goes entirely to Trump.

Fewer People on Food Stamps

Statistics from the US Department of Agriculture show that there has been a steep decline in the number of people on food stamps under the Trump administration. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Lower taxes!

When Trump completed his first full month in office back in February 2017, there were a total of 42,289,366 people on food stamps in the country. Today, the number stands at 40,032,131 – a decline of over 2.2 million. Dam, we have a long way to go though. Dam that is a lot still!  

How did this happen? Unlike Obama, who pursued a disastrous economic policy which drove millions towards the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Trump has followed a more positive America-first policy, which has improved the country’s economic conditions greatly.

Trump has also stated that he plans to decrease the number of food stamp recipients further by implementing work requirements, cracking down on food stamp fraud, and reforming the SNAP program to make sure its benefits reach only those who truly need it.

Record-Low Numbers of Unemployment Claims

The Trump administration also added another feather to its cap in the form of record-low unemployment claims in the country in nearly five decades. For the week ended on the 21st of April, there were only a total of 209,000 unemployment claims in the entire country. The number of unemployment claims has never been at such low levels since 1969, which is truly an achievement.

Trump Thriving Against All Odds

The magnitude of Trump’s achievements seems bigger if you consider the fact that he has achieved all these things despite tremendous odds.

  • 24x7 news channels that peddle fake news to tarnish his image day in and day out.
  • Hollywood celebrities who rant about Trump on social media and at award functions to their legions of zombie fans.
  • His political opponents who are willing to stoop to any low to bring down the current administration because they want Americans on food stamps – they don’t want us to have jobs.
  • Lazy, corrupt, self-serving bureaucrats who are reluctant to implement the government’s policies effectively.
  • Lastly, RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and Never Trump proponents in the Republican establishment who routinely join hands with the Democrats to shame their own President. McCain and Flake come to mind. Flake is a flake and McCain has not been honorable in decades. Go away McCain!

Despite so many roadblocks and hurdles, Trump has managed to perform well and exceed the expectations of some people. Most people are not surprised – the people in the private sector know how to work because they have to. Government employees really don’t know what work is (unless they are in law enforcement or the military).  

He has brought the country out of the depressive atmosphere created by Obama, who virtue signaled his way to a Nobel Prize, and his liberal minions in the establishment, who claimed that he was the best thing since sliced bread because he handed out food stamps quicker than anyone.  

If Trump continues his good work and is able to maintain the positive atmosphere, the Republicans have a very good chance at securing the midterm election. Let’s hope it comes true!

Because Americans like being able to afford new pickups and more flat screens. They like being able to afford to do more things and save for the future. Democrats just offer more handouts at the expense of freedom and opportunity. Democrats reward the lazy and attack hard workers. That is backwards thinking and detrimental to a strong society and country.

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