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DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Plea to Illegal Aliens Upsets President Trump
05/19/2018 Illegal Aliens Benjamin Roussey
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Last week, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen made what many experts consider a monumental blunder when she pleaded with illegal aliens to use the ports of entry if they want to come to the United States.

Experts say that it sends a wrong message to the people who voted in Trump for his tough stance on immigration. Also, it could embolden illegal aliens, who cross into our border every single day by the hundreds, without the slightest fear of the consequences if they get caught. Well, the consequences are not severe enough. America needs to build a wall.

It is amazing Mexico continues to speak Spanish when that language is inferior. This is just one reason why Canada is better off than Mexico. Hey, it seems Canada wants every illegal alien, like California does, no matter much pressure that puts on the system.

Secretary Nielsen’s Testimony

Nielsen, who testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee, requested illegal aliens and asylum seekers to enter the country through the ports of entry, rather than crossing the border illegally. Her testimony came in the wake of a major incident at the US-Mexico border, where a huge caravan of illegal aliens of Central American origin tried to cross the border to seek asylum in a country that has no place for them accept for the food stamp lines in New York and California, and Chicago!

Reaction from Experts

Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy at the Center for Immigration Studies, said that Nielsen sounded like she was inviting illegal aliens into our country. It was a mixed message at best and it could not have come at a worse time, as the current administration is trying to rid the country of the illegal alien menace.

Vaughan added that it was the typical ‘Washington Bureaucrat’ way of doing things. She said that instead of disclosing the details on the immigration menace, Secretary Nielsen obfuscated everyone by saying that everything is under control.

Trump Upset over Nielsen’s Remarks

President Trump, understandably, was upset at Secretary Nielsen, not just for her plea to illegal immigrants, but also due to the fact that under her watch, over 50,000 illegal aliens have entered our country through the Mexico border for the second consecutive month, which is inexcusable.

It is amazing how many poor people are born in impoverished countries. It is amazing poor people choose to have kids. It is downright selfish really.

In a cabinet meeting attended by many high-level officials, Trump rightly took Secretary Nielsen to task and questioned her as to why the border has not been sealed yet and how so many thousands of illegal aliens managed to sneak into the country under the watch of the DHS?

Time to Drain the Swamp

Secretary Nielsen, however, instead of answering Trump’s questions and taking full responsibility for her mistakes, which would have been the honorable thing to do, chose to quit her job altogether. She was apparently pacified by Chief of Staff John Kelly, who told her not to quit the job. Let he quit Kelly!

The incident clearly indicates two things.

First, Trump is very serious about curbing the menace of illegal immigration. He is a man of his words and he is trying very hard to seal up our borders, despite a complete lack of support from the bureaucratic class.

Secondly, and more importantly, a majority of bureaucrats in the current cabinet are supportive of Democratic policies and are reluctant to implement Trump’s tough policies on immigration. Why else would someone invite more illegal aliens (to the detriment of mainly African Americans which makes Democrats appear to be racist) while the government is trying to deport those who are already here?

As far as Secretary Nielsen is concerned, she is one of the many who make up the infamous swamp, which needs to be drained as soon as possible.

President Trump needs to fire Kirstjen Nielsen or let her resign her job like she offered to do. What we need today are honest and motivated people who can work just as hard as our President and implement his policies with gusto.

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