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Why Trump Should Not Agree to an Interview With Robert Mueller
05/12/2018 Robert Mueller Benjamin Roussey
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The most ridiculous charade that is going on in this country currently is the so called investigation by Robert Mueller on the Russian interference in the US elections. Without even a shred of evidence, Mueller has managed to convince a section of the population that the Russians meddled with our elections and Trump probably had something to do with it.

Now Russia did attempt to affect our elections because they are our enemy and have been so since 1946. It is a same Democrats have finally figured this out.

The Farce of Russian Interference

Despite investing a great deal of time and effort and spending millions, Mueller has not been able to find a shred of evidence with respect to Russian collusion with Trump (now they did work out a deal with Hillary and secure 20% of our uranium – right Hillary! – was that collusion!?). The 13 Russian nationals have been indicted only for bank fraud and identity theft and have nothing to do with the elections.

Moreover, intelligence reports say that the Russians only wanted to create a sense of political instability and intensity by supporting radical groups like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ movements. Considering the way leftist liberals have reacted after Trump’s victory, it is fair to say that the Russians have succeeded in their goals.

More importantly, during the last days of his Presidency, Obama himself ridiculed the idea of Russians meddling in our elections and said that Trump was looking for excuses to explain his inevitable defeat. How did that work out, Obama?

Mueller’s Murky Background

What is more worrying is that the man in charge of the investigation, Robert Mueller has a shady past which certainly goes against his reputation in the liberal circles of being a ‘fair and honorable public servant’.

Mueller was the man who allowed FBI agents to frame four innocent people just so he could protect the identity of the mass murderer Whitey Bulger. He was the man whose high-handed approach disheartened and demoralized many of the experienced FBI agents during his reign as the FBI head.

Above all, under his watch, the FBI decided to purge all references to Islamic terrorism from its counter-terrorism lexicon. Terms like Muslim, Sharia, Islam, and Hamas were not even mentioned in FBI’s counter-terrorism files from then on. Isn’t that something? We are supposed to fight an enemy whose name we are not even allowed to utter?

The Free Pass for Hillary and Obama

Why hasn’t Mueller, or anyone from the FBI, pursued the charges against Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? Instead of leading a witch hunt against a man who won the election fair and square, shouldn’t Mueller be investigating Hillary for her abominably corrupt foundation and Obama for his targeted spying on conservative leaders?

What Trump Needs to Do

Trump should simply ignore the noises from the liberal circles and should never agree to an interview with Mueller. In the absence of credible allegations supported by documental proof, the investigation team’s claims are just that – claims. The President should never lower himself to the level of these bureaucrats who are hell bent on protecting their liberal paymasters, as they are part of the swamp that Trump promised to drain and clean.

President Trump should let Rudy Giuliani deal with the Mueller nuisance (that comical investigation) and focus on his nation protecting activities, job creation, dumping that disgusting Obamacare law (which moronic and braindead McCain protected) securing the southern border, killing terrorists, all to improve his chances of securing a second term in the Oval Office.

McCain – lots of real Americans will not be at your funeral. You disgraced yourself. Go away!

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