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Scrapping The Iran Nuclear Deal is a Masterstroke by Trump
05/12/2018 Nuclear Deal Benjamin Roussey
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President Trump made history this week by scrapping the nuclear deal with Iran – one which was gifted to them by a pliant and corrupt Obama administration. The move, predictably, has not gone down well with liberals who have decried it as a bad decision.

Iran Nuclear Deal – Illegitimate from the Beginning

What many people do not seem to know is that the nuclear deal with Iran was illegitimate in every sense of the word. Obama, in his typical high-handed approach, signed the deal without any approval from the US Congress.

Moreover, the deal gave Iran a sense of legitimacy and gave the country the resources it needed to grow its influence in the Middle East, and expand the reach of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah (whose investigation was stopped by the Obama administration).

Obama is a Radical Environmentalist

The real reason deranged Obama signed the Iran deal is because he wants a strong Iran so they attack and destroy Saudi oil fields. This will cut off the supply of affordable fuel for most of the world. This means humanity would have to walk or rely on public transportation.

That is what environmentalists want! They don’t want us riding ATVs, four wheel driving, being free, driving our own cars to work, and so on. They want us on foot, on a bike, or smashed in a ghetto bus being harassed by the hoodlums they put back on our street and create with their joke educational system.

Scrapping the Deal – Right Move

By scrapping the deal, Trump has sent a strong message to Iran. With the economic sanctions back in place, the country can no longer expand its influence in the region and will be crippled financially. As a result, it might not be able to continue its work on developing nuclear weapons.

It should be remembered that Obama’s nuclear deal removed most of the sanctions applied on Iran and allowed foreign companies and individuals to do business with Iran. After being let off the hook by Obama, Iran grew from strength to strength and became a major source of instability in the Middle East.

It was an utterly irresponsible move on Obama’s part and the liberal intellectuals who are hounding Trump today for scrapping the deal today were completely silent when the deal was signed in the first place.

Even after signing the deal, Iran continued to support and fund terrorist activities in the Middle East and its political class remained entirely antagonistic to the US. What did our country get in return? Apart from a few words of fawning praise from the European Union, absolutely nothing!

And what does the EU know about national sovereignty anyway? Their streets are filled with illegal immigrants and Islamic terrorists who wreak havoc on the local populace, while their leader turn the other away and preach the world about the values of ‘liberalism’, ‘tolerance’, and ‘secular humanism’. No thanks EU; we can take care of ourselves!

Trump’s Message to North Korea

By withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, Trump has also sent a message to North Korea. The United States wants the Korean Peninsula to be completely free of nuclear weapons.

Any deal that the US gets into or brokers between the Korean nations will be done with this objective in mind. If the North Korean Premier ever had any doubts about what kind of stern and genuine leader he was dealing with, he has got his answer with this bold move by Trump.

What the Future Holds

America’s withdrawal from the deal has certainly pushed Iran into a corner. It is time for us to be watchful and make sure that the country is crippled economically so that it cannot develop any sort of weapons system that could threaten the stability in the region.

America needs to do what Michael Bay conveyed in that amazing Transformers III movie: Iran’s nuclear facilities need to be hit and destroyed.

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