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Liberal Reaction to Kanye West Shows Their Hatred For The Black Community
05/07/2018 Kanye West Shows Benjamin Roussey
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Last week, the whole of liberal America went into a collective meltdown because of one man – Kanye West. All he did was to tweet in support of President Trump. What followed was a series of vile, ugly, and racist comments from the so called ‘tolerant left’, which showcased their deep seated hatred for the black community. 

Kanye’s Comments on Trump

Kanye West tweeted that he loves Trump and while he might not agree with everything Trump does, the leftist mob cannot make him hate the President.

He said that sometimes, you need to be a little crazy to be successful, referring to the President. He praised a black female conservative commentator Candace Owens, who has been vocal about her support for Trump. He also posted a picture of a MAGA hat signed by Trump.

While it was enough to rile up the liberals, what Kanye did next was simply unpardonable in the liberal world – he criticized Obama.

Kanye’s Comments on Obama

Kanye questioned the black community’s overwhelming support for the Democrats. He criticized black activists for focusing more on white-on-black crimes, which are exceedingly rare, and overlooking the problem persistent in the community, like the never-ending black-on-black violence in that ghetto and failed city of Chicago which is ran by Obama’s disgusting and pitiful friend Rahm Emanuel.

Check out the entertaining Bruce Willis movie Death Wish which excoriates that degenerate city of Chicago.

He also tore into Obama for doing nothing for the black community in Chicago despite being in the Oval Office for eight years. He also added that Obama was like opioids for the black community – made everyone feel that everything was good.

Accusing the former President of snobbery, Kanye said that Obama’s appeal was limited to high-class people. Trump, on the other hand, appealed to middle and lower class people, who felt alienated under the Obama administration.

The Sickening Reaction of Liberals

From CNN’s Don Lemon to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, everyone ganged up to tell Kanye to shut up and know his place. Hollywood celebrities, not to be left behind, also piled on Kanye, saying that he has made a wrong choice and that Trump is not someone that a black man can look up to.

The court jesters of television, led by the despicable Stephen Colbert (who supports policies that puts rapists on our streets so they can rape more money – soft on crime that anti American moron is), also attacked Kanye and alleged that the singer has lost his mind. Rep. Maxine Waters went a step ahead and stated that Kanye had talked ‘out of turn’ and that he had no right to comment on politics. This is from a woman who lives in a right white neighborhood while stealing money from black donors in SoCal. This woman is a parasite on the level of Hillary and what The Clinton Foundation does to third world countries.

On top of it, liberals also questioned Kanye’s sanity and even started a petition to request Adidas to end their partnership with the singer.

Kanye is probably making even more money because of this.

Liberals….Ice Cube and 50 Cent both voted for Trump too!

Nauseating Hypocrisy of Liberals

What the Kanye episode clearly shows is that the black community is nothing but a prop for liberals. They want to use it, manipulate it, get political mileage out of it, and then throw it in the trash can. This is why, despite pledging their allegiance to Democrats for decades, the black community in so many ghetto cities still remain poor and black neighborhoods in all those liberal gangster cities (LA, NY, Chicago, Miami, Oakland, Houston, Fresno, Merced, Richmond, Cincinnati, Baltimore, DC, and so on) are filled with crimes of all kinds.

Black people, however, have started to realize that liberals want them to stay on food stamps forever and keep voting en masse for every crooked liberal who runs for office. With a powerful figure like Kanye leading them on, Black Americans could finally rid themselves of the clutches of liberalism and support people like Trump who truly care for them – who cares for all Americans.

Obama, Trump is bringing jobs back to America you idiot! Obama’s head was so corrupted by political correctness he not was able to think straight on any issue. It is too bad there is not a pill that could attack the political correct virus that ravages the liberal mind.  

The black revolution against liberals has already started – after Kanye’s tweet series, support for Trump among black males doubled in one week!

Again, just think if Ice Cube and 50 Cent went public in their support for Trump or the fact that they voted for him? Wow! Game changer. But they probably will not because of money concerns. Though they should – why not lead a revolution? Again, they could make money from different sectors of the marketplace. Why not make money the right way?

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