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Why Do California and New York Seem to Become More Unlivable By The Day?
05/07/2018 Unlivable States Benjamin Roussey
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Liberals are incapable of building anything. They are, however, very good at destroying things. If you need examples, look no further than states like California and New York.

They are becoming more unlivable by the day with increasing crime rate, suffocating political correctness, anti-business political climate, and skyrocketing cost of living.

California – The Blight on America

People keep leaving California in thousands month after month for a number of reasons, one of which being the ever-increasing cost of living. The median rent for a small one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco is a whopping $3,500 a month. As a result, people from the middle income and low income groups are leaving the state in droves and moving to affordable states like Texas which actually has jobs for them.

What does California have? Illegal criminals shooting American daughters, homeless people defecating in public, and a public school system in disarray.  

California is home to the largest number of illegal aliens in the country and has one of the highest crime rates as well. Democratic leaders in the state are more worried about the ‘rights’ of illegal aliens than the safety of their own citizens.

There have been numerous instances of heinous crimes like rape and murder of innocent Americans by illegal aliens, who committed the crimes with impunity knowing that they have got the support of the entire liberal establishment.

On top of it, Gov. Jerry Brown has also initiated an early release program for convicted felons and drug dealers. Needless to say, California also tops the country in terms of its unflinching support to the LGBTQ community and proudly endorses all sorts of depravity. No wonder the streets are filled with hypodermic syringes and condoms! The people who live in LA and San Francisco know all about that!

New York – The Mismanaged State

New York is being run into the ground by two people – Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo – who seem to compete with each other as to who can do more damage to the state with their policies. 

From stopping a sensible stop-and-frisk policy to single out potential criminals to making it incredibly hard for law abiding citizens to buy guns, the state has done everything possible to make life miserable for taxpayers while supporting the rights of convicted felons and illegal aliens.

If liberals want African Americans to be able to shoot other African Americans, then so be it. The violence in the inner city is also attributed to other Democrat policies such as attacking the nuclear family, fathers, marriage, religion, God and then they wonder why neighborhoods are broken. Now America’s policy on drugs is part of the problem too but that is another topic (drugs should be decriminalized and managed differently).

Illegal aliens in New York are eligible to receive in-state tuition, subsidized by taxpayers. It should be noted that in 2010, the state stopped the Tuition Assistance Program for students pursuing their master’s degree. In other words, taxpaying citizens do not get any assistance from the government. Illegal aliens, on the other hand, do.

In regards to that program, no one should receive any tax payer assistance after high school for education but the point is, illegals are being favored over actual Americans. Not good!

Real estate prices in the state are also increasing to dizzying heights, with people paying thousands towards rent every month and with the average home being so expensive that most working class people cannot even dream of owning one. This is because the high taxes and job killing regulations have destroyed industries that support the middle class (manufacturing, and so on). Those businesses have gone to North Carolina and Alabama, for instance. Two states that are doing well.

New York and California are only good for two types of people: the super rich (tech pros and wealthy celebrities) and the super poor (i.e. homeless and lazy).

California and New York – Shining Examples of Liberal Safe Spaces

California and New York are run by liberals who have turned the states into a giant safe space for social justice warriors and LGBTQ sexual degenerates, both of whom are working hard to destroy the family values that made our country great (as just insinuated).

Both states are also the staunchest opponents of fracking, despite having large tracts of oil deposits. Simply put, these two states are robbing their productive citizens blind for the upkeep of the underclass – unemployable social justice warriors, convicted felons, and most importantly, illegal aliens.

This is why it costs so much to rent a moving van now in San Francisco. They cannot be found! So many people are leaving that decrepit city which leads the country in property crime as well. Don’t park a nice car on the street in that ghetto and immoral city! The police don’t even care either if your car is vandalized.

California is losing real Americans but replacing them with unskilled, non-English speaking degenerates. All because the power base depends on those degenerates for votes. Pathetic!

No wonder people are getting out of these states to retain their sanity!

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