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The Clintons’ Never-Ending Saga of Crime and Corruption
04/29/2018 Crime and Corruption Benjamin Roussey
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Can you get rich off of taxpayers’ money, receive multimillion dollar donations from quasi dictatorships and abusive nations, break every rule in the book to serve your personal and business interests, and still remain an influential political figure? In America, you certainly can, if your last name is Clinton.

How Did the Clintons Become Rich?

Since leaving the Office in 2000, the corrupt couple of Bill and Hillary have made in excess of $100 million, which makes them one of the wealthiest couples in the entire country. It all started with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, which made Bill Clinton the darling of Wall Street billionaires.

Ever since then, Bill Clinton has made numerous speeches at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse First Boston, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and other institutions that benefited immensely from the repeal. For each speech, he was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was quid pro quo, Clinton style!

When Hillary was Secretary of State, her husband’s fees increased to astronomical heights – he gave speeches in Russia and China, for which he was paid $500,000 and $750,000 respectively. All these high-paying gigs, of course, were approved by the State Department, overseen by his wife.

Not to be left behind, Hillary too has been following her husband’s footsteps, giving speeches at institutions that are ready to pay as much as $200,000 to listen to her pearls of wisdom. Is there anything more ridiculous than paying nearly a quarter million to listen to a woman who probably wouldn’t be able to get a job anywhere if not for her last name?

The Clinton Foundation – The Fountainhead of Corruption

The Clinton Foundation has received large donations from Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia (the Saudis are anti-oil shale since they don’t want America to become energy independent which is occurring right now because of Republicans!) – countries which are known for their terrible record on women’s rights – while Hillary waxes eloquence about empowering women at every chance she gets.

The Foundation also received a large donation from America’s Health Insurance Plans – a lobbying organization for the health insurance industry – right after the disastrous Affordable Care Act was signed into law (insurance companies were given billions so it could even appear that America could afford that terrible health care law which it could not). No conflict of interest there at all, folks!

The Clinton Foundation in Haiti

When Haiti was devastated by a major earthquake, Bill Clinton was the co-chairman of the IHRC (Interim Haiti Recovery Commission) and Hillary was Secretary of State. So stellar was their work towards the country’s recovery that the Haitian government received only 9% of the billions of foreign aid that poured in.

Even when the reconstruction efforts were on, Bill Clinton’s friends bagged all the key contracts, whether or not they had any experience in disaster relief and reconstruction operations. The Clintons, being the vultures they are, managed to profit even from a major humanitarian crisis.

The Clinton Foundation in Columbia

The Clinton Foundation has been working with the Columbian government for decades and has yet to make a single meaningful contribution to the country and the people who live there. All they have managed to do so far is to fund projects that displace indigenous people, harm the local ecosystem horribly, and do not benefit the locals in any meaningful way.

The Foundation’s only accomplishment is that it has managed to concentrate a significant percentage of Columbia’s oil and natural gas resources in the hands of one Mr. Frank Giustra – a Canadian billionaire who also happens to be a regular donor to the Clinton Foundation. Such blatant acts of favoritism have made the foundation the go-to charity for corrupt billionaires around the globe.

The Clintons – Utterly Shameless and Amoral

The funny thing is that despite amassing well over a hundred million dollars in just a decade, Hillary Clinton had the gall to say that her family is not ‘truly well off’ and that they work just as hard as the average American. Yeah, because the average American gets paid $200,000 for a 30-minute speech, right? Go home, Hillary. And retire from public life already. We are tired of seeing your ugly face (and your ugly voice!) and hearing your lies over and over again.

Actually the Republicans really hope you continue spitting out the filth that has come out of your mouth for years.

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