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Trump’s Crackdown on Illegal Immigration and Anchor Babies is the Need of the Hour
04/29/2018 Illegal Immigration Benjamin Roussey
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President Trump has decided to seal up the southern border, which is the major entry point for illegal aliens who sneak into our country every single day mainly because they believe America is weak and will never stop handing out food stamps to people who only care about themselves.

Thus far, they are right. America has no need for more unskilled employees or workers. America needs skilled employees who are productive. That is not the case with these illegals which really no country on the planet wants to see.

Who want to see ugly woman with no skills and who are only hear to soak up America’s resources? It is a shame America even has Democrats at all who don’t care about Americans and so they have to import voters because real Americans have left their party. This is another indication Democrats are not on our side at all.

Earlier this month, Defense Secretary James Mattis sent 500 National Guardsmen to the border and stated that up to 4,000 personnel could be deployed to secure the border. The Department of Justice has also stated that anyone who crosses the border illegally will be prosecuted and severely dealt with.

Trump’s Fight against Illegal Immigration

The move comes in the wake of a presidential memorandum signed by Trump, who has decided to tackle the menace of illegal immigration singlehandedly without any support from the treacherous lot of Democrats in the Congress.

Trump has ordered the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, and Justice to coordinate and collaborate with each other to secure the US – Mexico border by being proactive against border crossings and by taking stringent action against illegal aliens.

Trump’s Opposition to Birthright Citizenship Policy

President Trump also criticized the birthright citizenship policy at a round table discussion recently held in West Virginia.

The policy, which gives American citizenship to children born on US soil, even if the parents happen to be illegal aliens, continues to attract scores of immigrants from various countries, who cross our border illegally with the sole intention of having their babies here.

Rewarding irresponsible behavior is disgusting!

Democratic Apathy – Demographic Disaster

It should be noted that both the illegal immigration problem and the anchor baby menace became intolerable under the Obama administration.

For ten years, the government was not only reluctant to take any action against illegal aliens, but actively encouraged illegal immigration by curtailing the powers of immigration authorities. The left, in its zeal to protect its voter base, even went on to demonize honest officials like Sheriff Arpaio, who tried to protect our borders by enforcing the law.

The results of the decade of anarchy under Obama are there for everyone to see.

Our cities are teeming with violent criminals who steal, rape, and kill without the slightest of fear, our neighborhoods have become safe havens for illegal aliens, and public facilities like parks and playgrounds that were once safe enough for our children are now filled with drug peddlers from across the border who are fueling the opioid crisis that our country is currently battling.

The Time to Act Is Now

Currently, there are 4.5 million anchor babies in the US that are under the age of 18. In contrast, only four million American children are born every year. If the current trend continues, Americans would soon become a minority in their own country. And if you want to know what happens when a section of a country’s population is surrounded by groups that actively hate them, look no further than South Africa.

The bottom line is that Trump is the best thing to have happened to this country in a very long time. America needed a non-political figure since only someone from the private sector can see how deep the DC swamp really is.  

Trump needs to seal up the borders, prevent illegal aliens from entering our country, deport the ones that are already here, and put an end to the disastrous anchor baby policy. It is the only way to prevent our land being occupied by aliens in front of our very eyes! Just see what has happened to that ghetto city of LA and all those bankrupt and pathetic California cities!

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