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CNN Poll Shows Trump Increasing His Popularity
04/06/2018 CNN Poll Benjamin Roussey
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In a recent poll conducted by CNN, Trump registered considerable increase in his popularity. The poll also showed that several of Trump initiatives now have a higher number of people backing them. Overall, the statistics proved that Trump is consistently solidifying his position. The best part is that this growing popularity is on account of his actions and not merely rhetoric.

Comprehensive Poll

The poll was conducted by SSRS on behalf of CNN and had an exhaustive set of questions, touching upon various facets of administration. The poll covered a universe consisting of 1,014 adults who were telephonically interviewed.

The poll showed that 42% respondents approved the way Trump is managing his presidential engagements. This is the highest positive rating for the president in past 11 months. With this jump in his approval rating, the president has proved that he is moving in the right direction which correlates with making America great again.

This rating is also significant as only 25 percent respondents identified themselves as Republicans while remaining were either Democrats or independents. The poll figures show that Trump is gaining approval across the board. With his popularity transcending the partisan divide, Republicans can look ahead to a brighter future.

Trump and International Politics

President Trump seems to be on his way to achieve domestic and international peace. While on home front, he has introduced new policies to ensure controlled and managed immigration and maintenance of peace, the president is looking for cordial relationships in international arena as well.

President Trump recently announced his decision to meet up with North Korea leader. The decision has been widely hailed as a pragmatic one and garnered 62 percent approval rate in the poll. Only 31 percent respondents disapproved the decision while remaining respondents were undecided. The approval shows that the US politics is ready to enter a new phase where it places more emphasis on having diplomatic and peaceful relationship with other countries.

The poll also showed high approval rating for the way the President handles the US relationships with Russia. 41 percent of the respondents lauded the president for his approach towards Russia while 47 percent of the people surveyed thought that Trump is too lenient towards the country.

However, the poll was done before the president announced the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats (Russia is an evil country – Putin is not a noble person). It is likely that the president’s approval rating would have climbed up further after this drastic action.

Domestic Policies

President Trump continues to cement his position with regard to internal policies as well. The president has support of 36 percent of the respondents when it comes to handling gun ownership issues. 79 percent of the Republican respondents said that they expect Trump to score victory in 2020 presidential elections.

This partisan optimism in favor of Trump is higher than the optimism shown by Democrat supporters for Obama during the corresponding time of his term. Clinton had garnered only 25 percent such support during his time.

Trump is also looking to have strong support in 2020 primary race. 75 percent of Republicans and Independents with Republican leaning said that the party should re-nominate Trump for 2020. Trump is what America needs. Trump is from the private sector and someone like this is needed to get America off of its behind.

Trump’s strong position is further underlined by the fact that no other alternative candidate could garner clear support of these respondents. The most likely candidates to pose a challenge to Trump are outgoing Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (who is a flake! and is not even supported by people in his own state – the people in Arizona don’t even want to see this idiot around), Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, and Ohio governor John Kasich.

Kasich is a good man but Trump is better for America and Kasich needs to get over it. Kasich has done remarkable things in Ohio and Trump is doing what is needed at the national and international level. Kasich needs to understand this and stop being petty. It is unbecoming.

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