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10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Live in Chicago
04/06/2018 Live in Chicago Benjamin Roussey
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Chicago, once a prosperous city, is now being abandoned by its long time inhabitants. The situation had been worsening since several years and in 2017, Illinois had the dubious distinction of losing more people than any other state in the country.

Much to the delight of Indiana and Wisconsin.

While there are several reasons behind such exodus, but mainly the present situation in Chicago is mainly a political travesty. Years of poor administration, anti-business, anti-American, and so on policies left the city bereft of decent infrastructure and civil amenities.

1)         Poor Local Administration: Chicago is currently under the reign of Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s politically correct and job killing buddy), who Democratic values have left a lot to be desired. The city is crumbling under local mismanagement, which has led to severe financial distress.

2)         State Administration: The problems Chicago faces are further exacerbated by the fact that the state administration is about as broken as its local government. While the governor is doing good job, his work is being made difficult by Democratic-controlled legislature. The state government is in such shambles that many citizens are considering moving out for better opportunities elsewhere and many already have as already indicated. California knows all about that! California, how many real Americans will leave your state this year!?  

3)         High Cost of Living: While Chicago, being a cosmopolitan city that it is, is somewhat expected to have high cost of living. In recent times, the associated costs have spiraled out of control. Chicago citizens not only pay higher for their houses, transportation and utilities they are also subjected to higher taxes. All these expenses add up to make cost of living in Chicago so high that people have no other option than to move out. Add this to the violence and the anti-business attitude, what real American wants to tolerate this?

4)         Political Impasse: Such increase in living cost may be directly attributed to lack of proper governance in the region. In recent times, Illinois has gone through severe political turmoil including the face-off between Illinois House speaker Michael Madigan and Governor Bruce Rauner. Such political stalemates have halted economic growth in the state and in Chicago. This is why they call this the windy city, all those ridiculous liberal politicians running their mouth creating all that wind!

5)         Poor Infrastructure: Years of neglect by Democrats has left this once-prosperous city with extremely low quality infrastructure. The life is especially difficult for people with disabilities as political ineptitude has lead to severe cuts in disability services. The state runs a massive deficit, which results in less investment in infrastructure, decreasing quality of life. The city is mismanaged. It is pitiful.

6)         Transportation Woes: While the city is served by Chicago Transit Authority, traveling through Chicago during the rush hours is nothing less than a nightmare. Owning your vehicle does not bring much reprieve either as the city is rife with tow zones and No Parking signs, making life all the more difficult.

7)         Law and Order: In the recent years, law and order situation has hit the rock bottom. The city is notorious for its high crime rates including homicides and burglaries. Just watch the entertaining movie Death Wish and you will know all about that!

8)         Weather: Chicago is well known for its inclement weather. While it is not essentially administration’s fault, but the city is less than prepared to allow its citizens to navigate through harsh weather. Lack of proper infrastructure in this regard adds to the miseries of its citizens. Hey, many of them vote Democrat, you reap what you sew!

9)         Lack of Opportunities: If people are leaving Chicago, then so are the businesses. The corrupt politics of Democratic-controlled legislature has made the city unfriendly for businesses and entrepreneurs. Lack of businesses translates to lack of jobs, further exacerbating the problem of exodus.

10)       Societal Issues: Poor governance has led to deep segregation in society, making it less hospitable. The situation is particularly dire for marginalized sections of the society, leading to an overall decline in the quality of living. Much of Chicago is like a third world country. There are more murders in Chicago than in many war zones.

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