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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Travel to a Sanctuary State
04/02/2018 Sanctuary State Benjamin Roussey
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California is experiencing a rapid decline in terms of quality of life of its citizens. Housing, immigration, and taxes are some of the foremost issues contributing to the decline. More than 600,000 people a year are leaving California – most of them are real Americans. A large number of foreign immigrants are replacing native Californians, who are leaving the state in droves.

The foreigners don’t know that California is a disgrace because where they are coming from California is much better. The giant ghetto that LA is becoming, that Oakland already is, that Sacramento already is, that Fresno already is, is not actually that bad when you compare it to Vietnam, Russia, the Philippines, or Honduras. California is becoming, and already is in many spots, a third world state.

California is no longer the “go-to” place, and here’s why:

  1. Home prices in California have spiraled out of control

Housing in California is completely out of control. It is practically impossible to find a house under half a million dollars, and an average 2-bedroom house has a starting price of $700,000. People are forced to take out million dollar plus mortgages for homes that are destined to fall in price because of the unsustainable price rise. Renting is equally ridiculous in California.

Rich foreigners are investing in California but they are not making California a better place to live or be.

  1. The state is plagued with immigration issues

Over half a million illegal immigrants enter California every year, and more than a million foreign children are born to them in the US. The law abiding taxpayers foot their bills of more than $25 billion a year because illegal aliens don’t pay taxes. Free welfare granted to these illegal immigrants only compounds the issues and encourages more of them to enter California every year.

These degenerates should have never been born. The world just does not have the time nor the capacity to educate or take care of them.  

  1. Taxes in California are outrageously high

Being one of the highest taxed states, California taxes virtually everything – from taxes on water, food, and gasoline to ridiculously high income taxes to luxury taxes to various hidden taxes. When it comes to sales tax rates, California has the highest rates of any state by far at 8.25 percent. Over 60 percent of the income of an average Californian goes away in taxes.

  1. Unemployment levels are reaching alarming proportions

Unemployment is rampant across the state, and in some parts of California, the unemployment levels are becoming nightmarish. For instance, one in four residents of El Centro is currently unemployed. What is worse is that real (unpublished) rates of unemployment in some parts are as high as 50 percent.

  1. Small businesses are unwelcome in California

It is not just the people who are fleeing California; businesses are exiting too. California currently ranks as the 48th worst state for doing business in the US. Small and mid-sized businesses are being destroyed due to excessive taxes, resulting in their exodus to Arizona, Texas, and other states.

  1. Crime rates are rising

Crime rates across California continue to rise. While not every city is unsafe, most are. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and several other cities continue to worsen in terms of safety. In Stockton, the police union put up this message (to remind the administration to stop laying-off cops) – “Welcome to the second most dangerous city in California.”

  1. Liberal propaganda is at an all-time high

In every aspect of life in California, liberal agendas are being forced down peoples’ throats. In one of the school districts, toddlers are made to watch films that push liberal propaganda, and parents are told that “opting out” is not an option. Hilarious!


  1. The education system in California is crumbling

The state’s funding to K-12 schools between 2008 and 2012 fell by 19 percent. Per-pupil spending in California prior to 2007 was ranked at 25th position in the country. Now it ranks 39th. The amount is below the US average by $2,000. No wonder students in California currently rank among the bottom nationwide in both reading and math.

  1. Legislation is California is a disaster

On January 1st, 2011, as many as 725 new laws went into effect in California – and most of them were either utterly pointless or downright stupid. Things have only worsened from there.

  1. Lack of commitment is becoming a culture

Last but not the least, people and administrators in California, both are failing on commitments across the spectrum. This particularly makes it hard to do business in the state because you never know when a buyer or seller will flake out on you.

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