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People Are Leaving California in Droves - What You Need to Know
03/23/2018 California Benjamin Roussey
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California is experiencing something of an exodus, with people moving out of the state in droves, largely because of the high cost of living. Notwithstanding the lovely weather and the famous California beaches, a large number of people find the housing costs and taxes on the higher side, forcing them to flee.

And don’t forget all that violence!

Many people who move out of California go to places including Texas, Nevada, and Arizona where the cost of living is less. Florida is another destination of choice for many of the feeling citizens because of lower housing and gas prices.

Those fleeing are of the lower-income category

Data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey shows that the Californians who leave fall in the lower or middle income category, while the higher income population stays back, according to Christopher Thronberg of the Los Angeles based Beacon Economics consulting firm.

California manufactures nothing – all those jobs are gone. You either are a rich actor or actress in SoCal or IT pro in the Bay Area or you work in fast food. The middle income folks have been leaving for years.

Thronberg asserts that the main reason why people leave California is housing costs. He points out those bidding wars are all too common for the limited number of homes that’s available.

Last fall, a poll of Californians was conducted by the Los Angeles Times in conjunction with USC Dornsife, which pointed to the major issues Californians face.

The poll revealed a higher cost of living as the most significant problem, housing being a reason for it. The poll also showed that more than half of Californians wished to see the state’s recently instituted gas tax repealed. Gas prices went up a whopping 40 percent because of the tax. Rich environmentalists don’t care about this at all.

Jed Kolko, the chief economist at indeed.com – an employment website – says that the rate of attrition of people from California to other states has gone up in the last couple of years. Part of the reason for this, he says is the spike in housing costs.

More people left from California to other states than vice versa

The latest Census Bureau data – for the period from July 2016 to July 2017 – shows that more people left California to other states than those who moved in to California from other states, Kolko says. This is just common sense. Falling apart New York state is experiencing the same thing.

In the period under consideration, the state registered a net loss of over 138,000 people. In the same period, Texas saw a net rise of over 79,000 people. Arizona, meanwhile added over 63,000 people as residents whereas Nevada too added over 38,000 to its citizenry.

Arizona’s SB1070 law is amazing as well. Now people can go to Home Depot without getting harassed by some illegal immigrant.

Christopher Bishop, the president of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, puts things in perspective when he says you have greater buying power per dollar in Southern Nevada compared to Southern California. This has been a trend for years, he says, and the trend is only going to continue.  

According to Bishop, there are those who are employed with Silicon Valley firms but who work remotely from their homes in Las Vegas, so they wouldn’t get burnt by California’s high housing costs in California. He says the burgeoning industries and job market are also reasons why people find Las Vegas attractive.

The Raiders went to Vegas and left ghetto Oakland!

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